If You want to get website traffic, without paying an arm and a leg in PPC costs, then try this idea:

Things You Will Need

A genuine interest in your website or blog subject!

Step 1

Pick your interest, or preferable the topic your website or blog is about, and Google the topic and the word "blog" or "forum". after it. Such as "knitting blog" that type of thing..

Once the page shows up, take a look at the first ten.

See if any of them are accepting comments or postings from visitors.

Click on them and see if they have anything of interest to you, that you would like to comment on, or join in discussions in a forum. Make sure you actually read the posts and make a good comment on the post, or give some additional information that might help a visitor.

Under your contribution, put your signature line, with a link to your own website or blog.

If this is a blog or forum in the top 10 on the front page of Google, then it is likely getting a lot of traffic and interest already.

If you give a interesting answer, or opinion, especially more than two words!, you will get other visitors clicking on your link to see what you are all about. People are naturally curious, and if they like your post or answer, they may want to see your site.

That is it!

more website traffic.. for free

I actually did this by accident last month. I had heard of back links and posting to blogs etc, but I had truly found a great blog on art, that I found interesting, and gave a detailed response to a blog posting.

It must have created enough interest to get many of the followers of this blog (and I assume there were many as I got lots of visitors to my site) to check out my site.

So, if you want to get more website traffic, and have a genuine interest in your subject, and feel you could contribute informative material to a ongoing forum or blog, then why not! This is when it is good to have a blog about something you are passionately familiar with, because you can easily give advice or comment on that subject, and keep it going.

This does not work, if all you say is "good point" or "nice work". I have found to actually spark a visitors attention, you need to give out some free information in your comment or post. Nothing overly long, maybe a few sentences, but enough that the readers will find you interesting.

Enough to get them to click on your link.

So, make sure your link actually works before leaving the site, (you would be surprised how many don't!) and then go to your site and make sure it is in good shape, and up to date. Remember, many visitors do not have the patience to scroll down, so make sure you have something eye catching at the top of your page. A Catchy title or picture etc.. to get your visitors to stay awhile. You don't want really old news on your site, make sure you are sending them to a site they will enjoy visiting, and hopefully click on your affiliate links too (make sure they are up to date as well).

When I did this, it was in the morning, and by the evening, I had spiked an extra 350 visitors just from posting a comment, in one day. It was still going for a few days after that, and then since I had been following this blog, I posted again.

My affiliate income went up, and so did my adsense income.

Now I am not totally familiar with the back links theory and how they work, but I now assume that I am also getting my own blog indexed more with these postings I am making on these other blogs and forums. If you like to write, this can be fun, especially when it involves others with the same interests as you.

Just remember, for this to work, your comments and answers, must be genuine or you will lose credibility. I found it annoying while on this other persons interesting blog, because there were loads of just one word comments, that didn't even make senses, like they had not even read the post. It was when I actually added sentences that people must have shown interest in my link.

So instead of just posting to create back links to your site, actually post something people will read, and then you can get live visitors to your site.

So, just add this to your list of ways to get more website traffic for FREE

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