Do You Know What Went Wrong?

Men are surprisingly resilient when it comes to relationships.  They will not break up with you over the same reasons that women would.  In fact, men are quite reticent to break the bonds. They like being in relationships for most part.  

Do you know why you got dumped?  The most common reason usually is that you stopped being cool or fun, or pretty, or all of the above.  Before making any sudden desperate moves to win him back, try to figure out what went wrong.  

Don't call him the day after to cry on the phone begging for forgiveness.

Break up
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But First Give Him Space

Even if you know what went wrong.  Even if you want to apologize and can't wait for him to love you back.  It may sound flippant but breakups are not as scary as they seem. They can be like mini-vacations from each other to re-charge and evaluate your life.  By giving him and yourself space to think, and more importantly to review your mistakes and come up with the action plan, you allow him to miss you.   Maybe, start regretting the breakup.  

Don't Call First

Don't be that desperate, clingy woman. This is probably the reason he broke up with you in the first place. It goes without saying that any king of stalking behaviour such as "silent calls", using your friends as spies or insessant texting is out of question.

Men need their alone time, and they also like the chase. If he just broke up with you, chances are he really needs his alone time - away from you.

Playing games and dating someone else just to make him jealous won't get you far either.
Hang out with your friends instead.  Turn off the phone and watch a movie marathon. Eat a tub of ice cream if you feel really bad, but do not stalk, or call or email.  This quote sums it up pretty well: "If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it's yours. If it doesn't - it never was." 

Action Time

Before you even try to make a contact, you need to be happy. Your inner glow is what attracted him in the first place.  Make sure you have it if you want to win him back.

This implies working on yourself on physical, mental and emotional levels.
Do something that makes you happy! Catch up with friends and family. Sign up for a class you always wanted to take. Explore the city. Go on vacation. Start jogging.

These things incidentally lead to self-improvement without trying and will take your mind off the breakup. Don't forget to flirt with other guys. Remind yourself that you are a sexy woman.
The moment you start having fun and stop thinking about your ex, he might actually call.

If He Calls...

If he calls, be casual and act like his good friend.  Ask him how things are, ask about mutual friends, give him undivided attention. Maybe share your newfound hobbies, successes or latest adventures.  Be positive. Try to make him laugh. Hopefully you know how.

Try to rekindle the friendship, first and foremost. Don't go looking back your way into relationship right away. You need to build trust, and you also need to show that you've changed.

It won't happen overnight.  Maybe it will take a few days or a few months, maybe a few years.  It is not uncommon for people to run into each other later in life and find their way back into each other's hearts.

Good luck winning his heart back!