Bring it to God

Many people I pray for on a daily basis ask me the same questions such as "How do I get my prayers answered" or "How do I see the manifestation of my prayer request"? This is often a tough question to answer for a variety of reasons, but I felt led to write an article that explains the most common reasons we don't see our prayers answered by God and how we can change so they do manifest and become real in our lives.

Trust in God

You would be surprised how many people I talk to that know the Word, speak the Word, and have memorized dozens of verses pertaining to their situation only to find out that they really don't trust God! Trusting God is the main key in seeing your prayers answered because without faith and trust in HiPrayingm we can't possibly have the faith to see the unseen come to pass in our lives. There are tons of verses in the Bible that talk about trusting in God such as Psalms 18:2, Romans 10:11, Proverbs 3:5, and the list goes on. If you don't have the capability of trusting in God they you can't possibly see your prayers answered because you don't trust the One who is capable of bringing your prayer to manifestation.

Examples of what I mean about lack of trust are things like "I trust God to bless my finances, but in the meantime I'm going to get another loan because I have to take care of bills" or "I trust God with my health, but while I'm trusting in Him I'm going to get the opinions of 5 doctors who don't know anything about the Word". These things are commonplace because while we want to trust in God, we still can't fully let go and give it all to Him. Psalms 55:22 is pretty abundantly clear by saying "Cast your cares on Him, and He will sustain you, and never let you fall." Don't trust in the world's system and ask for the opinions of other worldly people, for God said that the ways of this world are foolishness. Trust in God today and you will see things turn around!

Speaking your faith

The Word says that death and life are in the power of the tongue, not in our thoughts or imaginations. Jesus spoke to the fig tree and it died, not think to the tree. We have to actively profess our faith as according to Romans 10:10 and then we will be saved. There are scientific studies done on people who speak positively vs. negatively and this study showed how people who spoke positive had all kinds of activity in their brains and were much more active. This is a worldly study, think of how much more they don't know that the Bible does. Speaking your faith professes and confesses what you wish to possess, so take an active approach towards getting your prayers answered by speaking the Word.

Knowing the Word

God says that His people perish for lack of knowledge. This means that if you aren't well versed in the Word of God then you aren't going to know what you hKnow the Wordave and what you can stand on to fight for your answered prayers. Know the Word by diving in and seeing what it has to offer, and then take your stand against the enemy and speak that word out. Put it into a visual example for the sake of having a picture in your mind. If you knew that climbing a mountain summit was bad in a thunderstorm because you are at a high point then you would obviously wait for the storm to pass or skip going all together. If you didn't know about how lightning works and went on top of the mountain in a thunderstorm you could very well get struck and killed. Now the difference is that the knowledge of how lightning works saved person 1, while person 2 is in extreme danger of getting stuck. It's not that one person is better than another; it's that one knew something important while the other didn't. In the same way you are fighting a daily battle and you have to know the Word to combat any problems in your life. Ignorance is bliss will kill you.

Surround yourself with believers

God said in the word that it is not good for man to be alone, and our enemy uses isolation to keep us down and out of our answered prayers. If you surround yourself with likeminded believers and build up your faith you will start to see your prayers answered more quickly because you are encouraged by people who are standing with you. Stand in the Word with others and you will quickly see those problems disappear because James 4:7 speaks of how resisting the enemy will cause him to flee. Find people who speak positive, encouraging words to you and stay away from people who are causing you to doubt by saying bad things. You are trying to get your prayers answered after all, so don't surround yourself with bad company.

See it manifest today!

These are the common issues I encounter on the phones and out in the world every day why people struggle to get their prayers answered. If you would examine your heart and follow these guidelines you will start to see things brighten up and suddenly the problems of this world will be gone. Build up your relationship with God and put your confidence in the Word and these issues will never stand up against you again. Converse with God daily to receive revelation from Him into your own situation and see if one of these prime issues are what's causing you to not see the manifestation of your prayers. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, so have your hope in God and your faith will kick in to get those prayers answered.