When Your WordPress Plugins Or Blog Needs A Latest Update And It Hangs

It's common to see those WordPress Plugins that you have installed on your Blogs getting those updates so that your WordPress Blogs will run efficiently and securely.

It's also common to see once a while your main core of the Blog having to go through a major update to fix those bugs found by the WordPress Blog users or to provide security patches.

But it's not that common to see your Blog hanging or 'freezes' at the Maintenance Mode which you can recognize by this screen statement - ""Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute."

And if you are one of those unfortunate enough to face this and would like to get a quick fix out from this, here's a few ways to get your WordPress Blog up from this Maintenance Mode.

How To Get Your WordPress Blog Up From Maintenance Mode

Here's a few ways to get your Blog up from the Maintenance Mode:

1. Be Very Patient. The latest WordPress (version 3.3.1 at this point of writing) comes with its own unique features to get itself back up if it fails to update those plugins. It may take a while, around 5 minutes or less depends on the number of plugins that need an update and you will get to see an error message that lets you know which of the plugins are causing your blog to hang. You may wish to try the update again if you need to work on creating content as the first priority.

2. Get Into The Root Of Your Blog. If you cannot wait or that your Blog does not get itself up from the Maintenance Mode, you can try these two methods of reversing the update process:

Note: you must have access to your hosting server (either through FTP or those Cpanel-type of access)

Method #1. Delete the .maintenance file. You will usually find this file in the root level of your blog. Deleting this file should bring your site back up and give you access back to the WP Admin Dashboard.

Method #2. To find the main cause of this issue or which plugin is the problem, you can check out the Upgrade Folder, which you can get access to by going to WP Content > Upgrade. Inside this folder there will be a temporary folder that is meant for the plugin that needs an upgrade. You can try to delete this temporary folder or rename the original file/folder that relates back to that plugin. This should help to bring your WordPress Blog back up.