Start The Change Towards Natural Products

Been thinking about throwing out all the chemicals you use on your body and change them for clean and natural products? Good! So, the next questions would be where to start and why? This article aims at giving you three suggestions as to which ones to change first and what for. It takes three months to create a habit and make it last, and even though you should have that in mind in any transition into natural products, the things on this list are easy both to change and to like.

1. The Mooncup

The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup that collects the fluid instead of absorbing it. The cup is made of soft medical grade silicone.

Why should I change from conventional products?


This sanitary protection is free from plastic, bleaches, toxins, additives, perfumes and pesticides to mention a few things commonly used in tampons and pads. Moreover, since the cup collects rather than absorb the menstrual fluid, it doesn’t cause dryness or irritation. You can have it up to 8 hours before emptying it, which is ideal for traveling and over-night use!


Since the cup is reusable, using it means a vast reduce of your waste production.


The cup collects three times as much liquid as a tampon absorbs and it lasts for years! What we spend on disposable sanitary products in three months could be put into buying one menstrual cup and suddenly we make our life both easier and healthier.

Actually, these are only some of the many reasons for getting a Mooncup instead of tampons and pads. I aim at always giving myself the healthier choice and this cup is one of the best choices I have ever made!

2. Face oil

Most moisturizing creams are based on oil. Let’s say you have bought a nice lavender cream. Now, the lavender comes from a plant and is made into an essential oil. Simply put, to be able to use that oil on the skin it has to be blended with some kind of carrier oil. To create a cream or lotion, other ingredients are of course added as well. Pure oil, however, tend to absorb faster than creams. Today, most skin products (oils and creams) are based on paraffin (mineral) oil in addition to a great deal of incomprehensible chemicals and alcohol. But, let’s stick to the oil. What the mineral oil does is that it shuts down the pores and turns off the skin’s functioning. The skin is our biggest organ and it needs to breathe. Virgin vegetal oil, on the other hand, is a living product that gives the skin the essential fatty acids it needs, lets it breathe and makes the function of the skin stronger. The claim that oils should make your skin oilier and/or cause breakouts is simply untrue: a myth created by cosmetic companies. For the best result when choosing oil for your skin you would want to visit a natural salon.

Why should I change from conventional moisturizing cream?


Vegetal oil contains fatty acids that are important for the skin. Paraffin or mineral oil contains no vitamins or for the skin necessary acids. What is more, the skin easily absorbs vegetal oil whilst paraffin stays on the surface and stops the skin from absorbing necessary substances. Vegetal oil helps the skin to breathe, which makes it easier for the body to get rid of slags, whereas paraffin does the opposite and makes this process more difficult.


Get organic virgin vegetal oil, which is made out of plants-- i.e. fresh and renewable. Paraffin oil is the name of various byproducts that are refined from petroleum. Crude oil, that is. Fossil fuels.


Now you’ve decided to change from moisturizing cream to facial oil there are two options. You can either go to a salon where they work with natural products and buy healthy oil made for you out of for instance vegetal oils and essential oils. Or, you can go to the health store to buy organic virgin oil such as avocado, almond, sesame or olive. Either way, it turns out cheaper since the oil lasts for a long time. Oh, and you can use the same oil all over your body so you won’t need an extra lotion for that!

3. Deodorant

The all-natural deodorant that I use is a salt stone. In most health stores, there are several natural deodorants to choose among and I’m sure they are all good products. However, this deodorant contains one thing; a stone, is cheap; around 7 bucks, and it is small which is ideal for traveling. There is one thing though: the stone is unscented, which can be a huge change for the conventional deodorant user. Remember, it takes three months to manifest a habit. In addition, this transition could take longer depending on how much and what you have used before- the body needs to purify itself. This means that in the beginning you might experience that you “smell” more. That is the body cleaning out all the toxins you have been feeding it and preventing from coming out. Give it time, it is worth it! Remember, sweat is a way for the body to clean itself and sweat doesn’t smell. It is when sweat mixes with bacteria that smell occurs and the deodorant stone is great at eliminating odor.

Why should I change from aluminum deodorant?


Antiperspirants and deodorants contain the chemic union aluminum chloride, which closes the pores and thereby stops the sweat from leaving the body. Sweat is the result of the body cleansing itself; toxins and slag find their way out through the sweat glands. Thus, aluminum chloride prohibits the body’s natural cleaning process.

Furthermore, the body easily absorbs the substances we put in the armpit, a place that contains multiple lymph nodes. Many deodorants not only contain alcohol, but quicksilver and chromium. The lymph nodes need to get rid of slag to stay healthy. If the body’s natural purification system doesn’t work properly, it can lead to impoverished immune system and fatigue. Since the salt stone contains none of the above-mentioned chemicals, it lets the body go through its natural process in cleaning out toxins whilst it eliminates smell.


A salt stone deodorant is made of mineral salt and 100% natural. It contains no alcohol and no aluminum chloride. By using the deodorant stone, you won’t be feeding your body (nor Mother Earth!) poison.


Depending on what kind of stone you want, it costs 5-10 dollars and lasts for months!


To sum up, this article has showed that three body care products from our everyday life are unsafe to our own, and our planet’s, health. Sanitary products, moisturizing creams and deodorants might be so commonly used every day that we don’t stop to think about their ingredients and effects on our bodies. Luckily, there are healthy, all-natural products on the market and it is easy to make the change towards a cleaner life style. What are you waiting for?