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In the today’s world technology is king.  Most people cannot conduct their daily business without their PDA’s, computers, and I-pads.  There are many of us in need of these products especially a computer but may not think we can afford it.  Getting a computer may be a lot easier than you think and at a price that you can easily afford.

Special Sales-Throughout the year there are many different sales at major department stores on their computers.  As soon as a new computer upgrade is ordered for the stores, they look to sale off any of the older models left in stock.  I recently got a  netbook for my son at a major retailer for $200.  They had about 10 more in stock.  Keep an eye out for these deals as many of them are not advertised.

Refurbished-Many times computers are taken back to the store for some type of problem with the product.  The stores will have them repaired and put back on the shelves to be sold.  This can help you get a computer desk top or laptop at a deep discount.  If you don’t mind your computer not being brand new out of the box, this may be the best deal out there. 

Online sites-Many online bargain sites sell computers that will fit your needs at low prices and some will even ship them to you for free.  You can also look at classified sites where people are looking to sell their computers so that they can purchase a newer model.  You will be surprised at how little people ask for computers when they need to make a little money.  Someone else’s misfortune can be your good fortune in finding a computer. 

Family and Friends-Many family members and friends have computers that they no longer use.  I have gone into my friend’s garages and saw computers that are still in great condition that they no longer want because they went out and purchased the next big thing.  This has allowed me to get desktops for as little as $45 and even if I upgrade the memory and hard drive my total cost is still under $200.  This gives you a working computer that can be used for homework, web surfing or article writing for literally pennies on the dollar.

            If you have $200 or less and need a computer, there are many routes you can take to find one.  Sales, online sites, family and friends or refurbished; you won’t be disappointed with the results.  If a new computer is more to your liking then definitely look for the sales and if you just need a computer for basic things, try any of the other suggestions.  Small budgets don’t mean you can’t get what you want; you just need to do a little more research.  Believe me there is always a way.  Now go get your computer.