Get a New Digital Camera

After you've read all the reviews you are ready to buy your new digital camera. But, what about the price? If you want to buy a new digital camera for the cheapest price possible then following these tips can help you in that process. Being a smart shopper is always a great way to save money especially when buying electronics and cameras.

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tips to pay less for new digital cameras

Step 1 - 2nd Hand New Camera

Buy your new digital camera second hand. As long as "new" means new to you then finding a digital camera for the cheapest price shouldn't be a problem. Not buying the latest and greatest digital camera model is a big start, but you can find top of the line digital cameras for great prices if you are shopping smart.

Step 2 - Refurbished New Digital Cameras

Get a new digital camera that has been reconditioned and refurbished. Buying a new reconditioned digital camera can save a lot of money. This is one of the best ways to get a good deal on a digital camera. Plus you wont have to spend as much money as if you bought a brand new digital camera. The new release cameras like Canon, Nikon, or Kodak. If you shop somewhere like Fry's Electronics or Fry's online then you'll get a warranty with a new digital camera purchase. If you are buying the digital camera elsewhere make sure that it comes with some type of reconditioned digital camera warranty. You do not really need to pay extra for a warranty however. Another place to get cameras that has good prices and sells reconditioned items is

Step 3 - Buy Local

Check with family and friends. I bought a new $500 Cannon SD Powershot digital camera for $100. It is in great shape. The only thing that is missing is the lens cap, but that can be fixed. For the $400 that was saved by checking with family members this ended up being good deal on a new camera. A lot of times you can buy items cheaper from someone you know. Utilize social networks like Facebook to ask your friends if they have a digital camera they want to sell for cheap.

Step 4 - Shop Refurbished Cameras at Amazon

Use online sites like Craigslist to buy a new digital camera for the cheapest price. Make an "item wanted" post on there to bring out people who didn't realize they wanted to sell their camera. When seeing an ad and an opportunity to make some money people can come up with things to sell. Often people just look for the items that are being sold. By making a post you are also controlling the price that you are willing to pay for a new digital camera. It's smart and you'll get it cheaper.

Another site to use to get a good deal on a new digital camera is Amazon. When looking up an item on Amazon you can see a used item price as well as new item prices. This gives you many options when it is time to buy a new camera such as saving almost half on a Point and Shoot Kodak EasyShare. Check the seller for a good reputation before purchasing your camera.

Step 5 - Buy Discounted Cameras

Go to Target. Target store has a good digital camera section and they discount merchandise a lot. According to, Target discounts their electronics on Mondays. Look for the display model. Target will discount the in-store display model up to 30% off the already discounted price as long as it is the last one. You can go to the stores in your area and buy cheap new digital cameras either for yourself or sell them and make money. Sometimes they wont come with a box or a lens cap, but the money that you save is worth no box. Talk to a manager if the person working says they can't do a discount on a camera because they can. A friend bought a Canon SLR for nearly $200 off of the retail price using this strategy.

Tips & Warnings

*If you are meeting someone from Craigslist or other online sites make sure to use safety precautions like meeting in a public place and taking a friend with you. Be safe while getting a good deal on your new digital camera.