Placing eBay's auctions on InfoBarrel is another exciting opportunity to help publishers make even more money off their content.

In order to make money via eBay, publishers will need to sign up for the eBay Partner Network.

Signing Up For The eBay Partner Network

The first step is to go to their sign up page and sign up for an account. You will want to read over their Term and Conditions and check the applicable boxes (All of them!).

Once you click continue, you will be brought to the second page of the sign up process.

Fill out all the information accurately, as these are the people who will be sending you your checks. The wrong address will result in you not receiving your payments.

When you get to the part that asks what your primary business model is, select Natural Search/Website.

In your business description, type in blogging.

In Website URL, enter your user profile. For example, if your user name was Test on InfoBarrel, your user profile would be
To find your user profile on InfoBarrel, go to and login in the top right corner. After you are logged in, you will see a link to [my account] in the top right corner. This is the URL you should supply.

Once you have filled all the correct information, submit it and wait for approval. Approval can take anywhere from nearly immediately up to 48 business hours. Once approved you will receive notification in the e-mail you supplied.

Getting Your Campaign ID

Ok, So you are part of the eBay Partner Network, now what?

Time to get a campaign ID!

Go to and log in.

Under the logo you will see a bunch of options, from Dashboard to Campaigns. Click Campaigns.

You can either create a new campaign, or use the default campaign.

To use the default, grab the Campaign ID associated with 'Default Campaign', it is a 10 digit number on the left.

Copy the campaign ID and log in to

Go to My Account, then click 'Manage My Account'

Under eBay Partner Network Campaign ID, click change and enter your 10 digit eBay Campaign ID.

Congrats you are now setup to have auctions on your InfoBarrel content!