Moving into the digital age, more and more people are upgrading their libraries to digital versions. Face it- books are bulky and inconvenient.  They have to top the list of least convenient items to bring whenever we move houses.  

And along came Kindle- as well as millions of digital, weightless versions of the books we love to read.  Now we can read them anywhere, anytime, without lugging stack after stack of books along with us.

For this reason, Kindle books make great gifts for any occasion.  One overlooked fact is that you don't need a Kindle reader device to access their ebooks.  There are free, downloadable versions of Kindle for use right on your computer, iPhone, Blackberry, and many other formats.  So don't hesitate to follow the instructions below to give a Kindle book to your friend- or to get one yourself.

How to Give a Kindle Ebook

First, you need to select the book you are interested to send to your friend.  This can be done at Amazon by browsing in the Kindle store, or by simply browsing normal books and watching for the Kindle listing on individual titles.  Once you see a book that looks interesting, add it to your cart by pressing the button marked "Give as a Gift."

NOTE: You can only give Kindle books to others that must be purchased.  Free Kindle books aren't available as gifts, which makes sense. They're free after all.  You don't want to seem cheap by sending your friend a free item. They can get those themselves whenever they want.

Second, you will be prompted to enter your recipient's email address. You can give Kindle books to anyone who has a working email address.  They will be sent a link from Amazon where they can download their book.

Any number of free kindle reader programs can be used, on many devices.  If your friend doesn't have a Kindle, Kindle books are supported by free readers on the iPhone, iPad, Windows PC's, Macs, Blackberrys, Android phones, and Windows Phone 7. Surely out of all these options, your friend will find at least one way to read the book you send.

Finally, complete your purchase at the Amazon checkout.  You will be able to send an optional message to your Kindle ebook recipient, like "This will save you a ton of weight the next time you're moving."  

And if your friend doesn't like the Kindle book you've sent to them, they can 'return' it for Amazon gift cards. They will need to contact customer service.


So, with a few clicks of the mouse, you can instantly share your favorite books with your friends and family, or send a thoughtful gift at the last minute.  And with the flexibility of so many reading platforms, there's no excuse if they don't own a Kindle reader (but they'll want to get one soon!).