In order to go half on a baby two poeple must be at a certain point in their lives. Having a baby is a big deal. The sex between a couple may be so amazing that the thought of going half on a baby may seem good at first but you have to think of the long term effects. Do you two want to be together forever? Are you compatible? Is your relationship strictly about sex? Are you ready to care for a child? Is marriage even being considered?

Going half on a baby is a wonderful experience. You two may make a wonderful baby.

Things You Will Need

Alcohol is nice but not necessary

Lingerie (if that turns you on)

A willing partner

Foreplay is a plus


Step 1

Dinner over candlelight

In order to successfully go half on a baby, you need to get the mood just right. Nice, slow music is usually very romantic. You two can eat a nice dinner over a candlelight. Drink some wine and enjoy each others company.

Step 2


When you're both feeling like you just can't resist each other anymore, move in for the task. Kissing, cuddling, fondling, teasing, stripping all helps to aid the process along.

Step 3

Do the Do!

Do NOT use a condom. You're going half on a baby. You don't want anything to interphere with the process, let alone birth control.

Enjoy each other's bodies and remember this moment. If you're successful with going half on a baby, you'll have a new baby that closely resembles the both of you in your arms!

Wait three days, then go get a pregnancy test. Hopefully the results indicate you have successfully went half on a baby!

Tips & Warnings

Make sure you're ready! You don't want to have to resort to making the most difficult decision of your lives.