Stay Calm

Grace Under Pressure

In today's crazy world, it is very easy to get drained and overwhelmed by the pressures of work and daily living. What are some simple steps you can take to de-stress in a world that seems determined to wear you out.

If you can picture yourself for a moment at the beach. The waves are not too big and not too small. The temperature of the water is just perfect (warm enough but not boiling hot), and you enter the water, where you allow your body to float and just move gently with the rhythms of the water. You float on your back, the sun warming your face and the water moves beneath you. You are not fighting against the waves or boogie boarding or diving. You are simply riding the waves as they rise, crest, and move to the shore. This is a great image to keep in your head when you are envisioning yourself going with the flow.

Are there moments in life when you need to fight, when you need to advocate for yourself or someone else and stand up against negative forces? Of course there are. But life is not always about fighting against forces. Sometimes, it is about accepting and being quiet and peaceful deep inside your soul. When you let go and relax and stop fighting against every little thing, you are giving your body (and your spirit) a much needed break during which time you can replenish your energy to face another day. Even if you think of yourself as an argumentative person, if you give yourself a little rest from arguing and debating, you might find that you like taking time off from that approach to life.

There are different ways to achieve your relaxation goals. Some people like to meditate. Others like to practice Yoga. Still others just like to take a good nap in order to regroup. Relaxing, cutting back on stress, and learning how to "go with the flow" (either on a regular basis or even just from time to time) is essential to staying healthy and prolonging your life. So the next time you find yourself stressed out and rushing around, try to take a deep cleansing breath and imagine yourself in the ocean floating gently on those waves as they carry you gradually, comfortably back to shore. This is a lovely way to visualize yourself back into a good place, emotionally speaking, a place where you are much more likely to be able to sit back, relax and simply go with the flow of life.