Avoid Getting Ripped Off on Golf Vacations

Royal Musselburgh Golf ClubCredit: http://www.thefullwiki.org/Royal_Musselburgh_Golf_Club

Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a ten day golf escapade to the Caribbean, there's one matter in common with the whole golf trips and vacations… rip-offs and scams happen.

Here are a few matters to be mindful of when reserving your next golf trip.

1. Cart Fees.

A lot of courses will ask you to rent a cart, even though your package agreement did not mention it. Be sure you know up front when cart fees are included and or demanded.

2. Course Surcharges

You might be prompted to “upgrade” to a better course once you reach your destination. This is a popular practice in several areas. The fact is that the course you “upgrade” to in a lot of cases won't be any better than the course you're already booked on.

3. Internet Deals

Numerous golf trips nowadays are distributed by internet resellers. The price might be right, but they've no approximation of the local market. They're dealing a commodity and could care less what other events are going on in the area or what local circumstances are. Dealing with the locals in the area you plan to visit would rule out a lot of these surprises.

4. Do you require a “package” deal?

You'll find that package deals occasionally would cost you a lot more than merely booking a hotel and a “golf” market and winging it. When you reserve your accommodations, the concierge or front desk would be able to guide you to the best deals. This works particularly during the off peak season. So several people get involved in the package deals that the costs can be increased by 50-75% over what it should cost you to book it yourself.  Should you wish to avail travel package discounts,  you may also visit the website of Viator to get other travel deals.