Do you want to get a leg up on your college classmates? If so, then maybe you should consider accelerating your college and graduating early. This can help you get a job when you get out of college and will make you more competitive when you go out seeking a job. Take it from me. I am on track to graduate from college by the end of my junior year and I will be able to use my football scholarship to play my senior year of football. The advantages are undeniable. So read on for tips to graduate early.

Things You Will Need

You will need a hard work ethic and discipline in order to graduate early.

Step 1

1. First, you want to identify a college major that interests you early in your college career and stick with it. You have to find something that you won't mind doing and that will have job growth in the future and stick with it. If you change your major, then you run the risk of having to stay an extra semester or two in order to make up for the classes you might have had to take with changing your major.

Step 2

2. Make sure you are taking 15-20 credits every semester. 15 credits is the standard amount of hours you will need to take to graduate on time. But if you wan't to graduate early, then you will need to take at least 18 hours every semester.

Step 3

3. Try taking summer classes if you can afford it. This is also an excellent to accelerate your college schedule and help you graduate early. It will also help keep you busy.

Step 4

4. Make sure you are meeting with your financial advisor in order to discuss what classes you need to graduate. They will be an important person in helping you decide what classes you need to graduate.

Step 5

5. Many people believe you should take electives to broaden your horizons and decide what you want to do in life. However, I think you should not take excessive elective classes if you want to graduate early. Try taking classes that you want to take but don't need early in your freshman year.

Step 6

6. Another great tip, this is how I am going to graduate early. If your high school offers you the opportunity to take college classes or courses for credit towards college, then by all means, take advantage of it. By my junior year of high school, I was enrolled full time at a community college because I decided to take advantage of the opportunities my high school offered me.

These tips will help you graduate early if you apply them and work hard.

Tips & Warnings

Don't overwhelm yourself. You don't want to be stuck with just doing college work and having no life. You also have to factor in work, personal life, sports, and other obligations before you decide to go down this route.