Think its important to have fun first and take your first year or two of college to learn about yourself? Then think again. For every extra year you are in college, youcould potentially be racking up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt not to mention missing out on earning a salary in your field that will help you pay off debts and save for retirement. That is why its important for you to do what is neccessary in order to graduate on time. Read on to learn valuable tips that will have you on your way to walking across the graduation stage on time.

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The most important tip is to identify a major early in your college career and stick with it. This is important because the longer you wait trying to decide what you want to major in, the more likely you will have to take more classes than you normally would have taken had you selected a major right away. By doing this, you also get to start working ona curriculum that is exactly what you need to graduate in your major instead of having to change course because of a major change or because you were undecided on a major and took too manygeneral courses.

Its imperative that you try to take at least 15 credit hours each semester. If you can take more than 15 then that is even better and will possibly help you graduate college early. Most degree programs at collegesrequire around120 hours of coursework in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree. If you do the math, that comes out to about 15 hours each semester for 8 semesters. This is not by default, but it isto ensure that students are getting out of college when they are supposed to. So avoid taking less than 15 hours each semester by all means unless you have other obligations like work, a family, or a college sports team.

You can't expect to just sign up for 15 hours worth of classes each semester and graduate on timeif you aren't passing the classes. Most colleges require you to earn a C average in all ofthe classes that directly correlate to your major before you can graduate. So therefore, you must not only sign up for at least 15 hours each semester, but you have to be passing all of these classes if you plan on graduating on time.

Lastly, make your academic advisor your best friend. He or she is going to be the person responsible for helping you get into the right classes you need to graduate as well as helping you design a school schedule each semester that works for you. Therefore, you need to make it a point to keep a open dialogue between you and your academic advisor as well meet with him or her to discuss your progress and chart where you stand as far as graduation goes.

In conclusion, if you implement these tips into your academic life, you can and will finish college in four years or less.

Good Luck!