Growing a beard is a right of passage for a man. It's a process that displays raw masculinity and summarizes the definition of what it is to be male. Facial hair is a sign of strength and gathers tremendous respect from everyone in all cultures around the world. Being able to grow a beard changes who you are as a person, and once the hair sprouts from your face, you'll clearly be able to tell a difference in how people treat you. Since the dawn of time, the beard has represented power and stance. Heroes in history, including Santa Claus, Jerry Garcia, Jesus Christ, Moses, and James A. Garfield all sported burly beards. The beard is also the perfect way to pick up girls. Women are increasingly taking a liking to the bearded look over the clean shaven look. Now it's your turn to learn how to grow a beard.


Warning: Not Every Man Will Be Able To Grow A Beard - This is a terrible fact to accept, but some of you will never be able to grow a beard in your lifetimes. Beard growing is not for everyone, and some guys can only grow extremely patchy facial hair, or literally no facial hair at all. It all has to do with genetics. It isn't fair, but some people are blessed with awesome beard genes, and some aren't.

This article will teach those of you who have the ability, how to grow a beard. It takes a special kind of person to be able to reap a glorious nest of beard awesomeness on their face. If you've tried a little and still see patches all over your face, don't worry, there is still a possibility if you follow these major rules.

Don't Shave - This is the first rule to beard growth. Let the facial hair run wild and natural. This is the best way to gauge where you're at. If you've let your beard grow for a couple weeks and it looks patchy and thin, don't fret. By letting your beard grow for a couple of months, you'll get a clearer picture of what you are capable of doing. It's easy to get discouraged and randomly shave it off, but remember that it takes time. The beard is much like the hair on top of your head. When you grow your hair out, it has to go through a middle-awkward phase that looks goofy. The beard has to do the same exact thing. When you grow your beard out, it is very likely that you'll wake up one day and realize that your mustache looks surprisingly full, that your beard is thicker, and it's filling in extremely nicely. It's an old rumor that shaving helps facial hair to grow in thicker, this is a lie. Shaving does not do anything, but take away from the process. The best way to grow a beard is to simply grow it out.


Ignore Others - The random growth of a beard can be a shock to others. You will have to put up with friends and family members making little remarks as you try to grow your beard. Don't take any negative comments they say to heart, and remember that your beard will look nice once it actually fills in. Discouragement can only lead to shaving, keep a positive outlook on things, and realize that it will all be okay. Once your beard grows in beautifully, people will often comment about how nice it looks, and how great it's filled in. This takes time, so ignore initial criticism and wait it out for the eventual positives.


Ignore The Pain - Just like every awesome thing in life, you have to go through a bit of pain before you can experience the pleasure. Growing a beard isn't as easy as it looks, it takes strength and determination. When initially growing a beard, your face gets extremely itchy. The best way to stop the itchiness is to shampoo your beard when you're in the shower, and brush it afterwards. Beard hairs itch because they are stiff when they first grow. Over time the itch goes away because the beard hairs become softer as the days go by. Also, a beard can literally be painful. Sometimes the hairs of the beard can be pulled and it sends jolts of pain through your face. This also typically happens less as the beard hairs get softer.

Don't Trim At First - This completely correlates with the initial statement of "do not shave", however it goes beyond that. Many people trim once their beard starts to look a little ecstatic, but it's better if you don't. Let your beard grow out until you can see how much of your face it covers, then trim if you want to. When you let your beard run wild, it usually fills in patchy gaps as it spreads. If you trim large sections of your beard away, you'll see that the patches are more prominent this way. Also, if you trim your beard, it usually discourages you and causes you to shave away all of your progress. If you want to grow a beard, literally grow one before you start hacking away at it.

Take Biotin - Biotin is a miracle worker in the business of beards. Biotin is a dietary supplement that helps with hair growth, thus helping your beard. It helps the hair grow faster and thicker so that your face can bloom in full bearded glory a little bit faster. The biotin is a helpful booster in getting your beard to grow thicker. It's relatively inexpensive and works wonders.

Remember, it takes a lot of time and effort to grow a beard. It simply can't be done over night, but with perseverance and determination, your beard dreams can come true. It's a staple for manliness, and the treasures will flow forth once your goal of having a beard is achieved. Mustaches are cool in their own right, however they don't have the same overall effect that beards have. With a beard, your life will reap way more blessings than the life of a man with a shaved face. If you don't believe me, simply grow a beard for yourself and see.