If you cat loves his or her Catnip fix, you know how costly their habit can be. If you happen to be owned by a cat who is crazy about Catnip, why not save a lot of money and grow your own Catnip. Many cat's love Catnip and probably just as many really could care less if they ever had it. Although I have never met a cat who was indifferent to Catnip. Every cat I have ever known has gone completely crazy over this stuff! Growing Catnip is an easy garden plant to cultivate, you really do not need much of a green thumb. Even the worst of gardeners have had much success growing your cat's favorite plant.

Plant Catnip Seeds

Buy Catnip seeds. Catnip seeds are very inexpensive. A whole pack of seeds will cost you less money than purchasing Catnips once at a pet store. Catnip seeds are available at garden centers, online and can be ordered from seed catalogs.

Before planting, choose an area that gets a good amount of sun every day. Catnip doesn't grow as well in shady areas as it does in mostly sunny areas. Remove all debris such as rocks and twigs from your planting area.

Best Catnip

Plant the Catnip seeds in rows. Space the rows approximately 15 to 18 inches apart and space the plants at 12 to 15 inches apart. If you plan on planting Catnip in a container, plant one row per container. A rectangular container that is at least 1 foot deep works best. Make sure you have drain holes in the bottom of your planters before beginning.

Add mulch over the top of your soil. Water the Catnip seeds daily until they begin to sprout. After the seeds have sprouted, water the plants as needed. Do not allow the soil to become overly dry especially when planting and growing in a container.

Catnip grows fairly quickly so within a couple of months you should have fairly tall Catnip plants.