Do you have short and brittle nails? Do you want to grow long healthy looking nails? You can always go for fake press on nails, but there is always a sense of accomplishment when you grow your nails to a nice size and shape. Plus press on nails are rather annoying to maintain. It is not hard, but it does require quite a lot of willpower and time to do. Whether you want long beautiful nails for show or just to better scratch your back, it is easy if you follow these tips.

Resist The Urge To Bite Or Clip

If you are a compulsive nail biter or nail clipper, growing long nails will be difficult for you.

If you are a nail biter, you should invest in a bitter tasting nail polish. The bitter taste will hopefully deter you from biting your nails, especially subconsciously. That bitter nail polish will need to reapplied every day to keep the taste from fading away.

If you want to stop by willpower alone, good luck. Make sure you are watching yourself constantly as nail biting can occur without even thinking about it. Resist the urge to run your nails over your teeth as well, that it just one step closer to biting.

If you are a compulsive nail clipper, resisting this urge is a little easier. Merely tell someone to hide your nail clippers. Do not comprimise with yourself thinking you will just clip the sides a little to keep them from digging into your skin, this just leads to more clipping.

Identify Your Nails

There are five nail types:


Dry nails need to be moisturized in order to grow properly. Try rubbing olive oil or moisturizing lotion into the nail and the cuticle to get it to soften. If you neglect to do this, the nails will easily chip and crack as they get longer.

Brittle nails are much like dry nails. They grow in too stiff and will also need to be moisturized. Olive oil or moisturizer again will work well. Brittle nails, even when moisturized are still prone to being chipped, especially when you gnaw on them. If you are a nail biter with brittle nails, you are in for a hard time.

Damaged nails are the worst. though they are damaged from years of abuse and poor health. Damaged nails by far need the most love. They will need not only moisturizing, but you may need to take vitamin supplements (folic acid) to get them back on track. Damaged nails crack and chip at the slightest touch and grow slowly, if at all.

Soft nails means that your nails have too much moisture. They will grow rather quickly, but they will be flimsy and prone to bending and breaking. Soft nails may sound nice, but they are no means strong nails.

The last category is normal nails. If you are lucky enough to have these, they will grow at a normal rate and grow nice and strong. Providing you are not a nail biter, you can probably grow your nails with great ease.

Stay Hydrated

Your nails, like the rest of your body, enjoy it when you drink water. Water helps treat dry and brittle nails as well. Do note that nails like water when it is inside your body and not outside. Soaking your nails for too long will only cause more damage.

You can also take vitamin supplements to help encourage growth. Folic Acid is the most recommended supplement. It is a prenatal vitamin because it helps a developing childs growth and development. However, it also helps tha mothers' hair and nails. You do not have to be pregnant to enjoy the benefits of Folic Acid.

The vitamin Biotin which is part of the B vitamin family is something you should take if you want to develop stronger nails. Calcium and vitamin D are also important.

Paint Your Nails

Nail polish not only makes your nails look nice, but it also helps then stay healthy. If you are prone to nail chipping, paint in multiple layers. Do two base coats of nail polish then seal it with a an anti-chip varnish. You can use the anti-chip varnish alone, but it will not work well on its own.

You can also buy nail polish that boasts pro growth qualities, but I never noticed it doing anything other than making my nails pleasantly soft.

File Your Nails

Once your nails begin to reach past your finger tips, you should feel pretty accomplished, but things only get harder now. You will have to deal with the chipping from every day activities. To keep this from happening, keep a nail file handy.

Do not think filing your nails is an acceptable alternative to clipping of biting them though. Nail filing should be done every few days or once a week. Filing your nails is only to make sure they are ever. If your nails are growing in uneven, file them down until they are all the same length. When your nails are all the same length, then they are more likely to stay that way and grow together stronger. You can also use that nail file to shape your nails to give then a slimmer look or more shapely rounded corners.

If your nails have a tendency to try to grow into your cubicles, your nail file can be used to dig them out and file them down. Hopefully you can eventually train your nails to be nice and not grow into your cubicles anymore. Now that they are long, hopefully you can keep them above your finger tips.

Enjoy Your Nails

Now that your finger nails are growing to look like a normal persons' take some time out to enjoy them. You can now scratch easier and have extraordinary looking nails. As they get long enough, you may notice that things like typing have become more difficult. You will have to use the pads of your fingers to type unless you want to risk chipping your nails on the keyboard.