Some Background

Growing vegetables is a great way to save money on your grocery bill, and it is rewarding and fun to do. Not only that, home grown veg tastes much better than the supermarket alternative. Here I will explain how to get the most out of your potato plants.

We all know that potatoes are a staple crop and are extremely versatile with the amount of dishes based around them. From fritters to french-fries, mash to potato salad the range to tasty treats is endless. The only way to make them better is to make them free.

Down and Dirty

The easiest way to grow potatoes is by planting some that you already have. I got mine from a friend but any potatoes will do, supermarket ones are fine. They should still have the sprouting 'eyes' on them because these are the part that grow into the plant that lives above the soil. Our aim is to get the most crops that we can, so how is it done?

You will need a growing bag or some other suitable large container. I have seen this done especially well in a stack of old tyres, and even in a dust bin (trash-can for our American friends). You will also need some compost to grow them in, or failing that some soil that is fertile enough to grow in.

Firstly put some compost in the container, I would say that 10 inches is fine. Place 3 of your sprouting potatoes in a triangle evenly spaced from the sides of the container and each other. After this, place about 4 inches of soil on the top.

Within a few weeks the plants will poke out above the soil in the container. When this happens add another 4 inches of soil and bury the plants. Keep doing this process until the container is almost full. It will take maybe a couple of months to fill the container.

What is actually going on is that we are making the plant stalk very long beneath the soil. This enables the plant to grow a large amount of tubers. These will grow into full size lovely potatoes. And of course the longer you leave them in the bigger they will get.

I hope that has inspired you to try growing potatoes for yourself because it is greatly rewarding and saves money.