Growing sunflowers from seed can be somewhat tricky. Sunflowers have a tendency to grow very fast, growing with very thin and weak stalks during sprout. This makes them vulnerable to the elements. Following these steps you will have a better chance of successfully growing sunflowers from seed.

Things You Will Need

*Sunflower seeds
*Medium/Rich soil
*Screen or other protection to keep animals or birds from eating seeds or destroying sprouts.

Step 1

Find an area that can offer this. Sunflowers grow in rich to medium soil. From experience, sunflowers do not seem to grow well indoors and from starter trays of peat. Although they will sprout very fast in these kits, sunflowers grow so fast that they need the constant stress of the wind and elements.

They need this stress in order to build a thicker stalk. Otherwise they tend to go limp, break and die. They also do not seem to transplant very well from peat starters. Their major root systems grow so fast, that they can become entangled in the fabric binder of the peat before you can remove it for transplant.

In general if you are going to start sunflowers from a tray and inside, transplant them right after they begin to sprout.

Step 2

Because they are planted in areas of bright sunlight the water can quickly evaporate from the soil. Until a Sunflowers root system has grown enough it may need a little watching over and watering from time to time.

Check them daily to make sure they are growing strong and that animals are not bothering them. Once they are growing take whatever frame if any you have from around them. It's good to partition off this area with a small garden fence if there are pets or animals around.

*Because sunflowers have a short life-span, they put a lot of energy into growing as fast as possible and this leaves more vulnerable than some other plants. This doubled by the fact that they have a relatively thin stalk means that they may need your care a little more.

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Tips & Warnings

*Animals like to eat sunflower seeds and can dig them up from the soil
*Sunflowers are not recommended for growing inside or starting in peat trays.