Looking for more information on how to grow taller? It is a popular trend, especially with today's growing fascination with celebrity, that a large majority of people are on a constant quest to enhance their physical features. This desire has given rise to a number of products, drugs and surgeries, all claiming to achieve your desired results. Of all the physical features that many long to change, none seems more difficult to attain than growing taller.

Exercise, dieting and liposuction can alter your body's size; nose jobs and implants can change your appearance - but how do you pull a fast one on Mother Nature when it comes to increasing your height? If you find yourself asking the same question, a quick search on the web proves that you are not alone. Although it seems like an unattainable desire, getting your body to grow taller is very feasible even if you are no longer a teenager in your growing stages.

Read on to discover current methods and suggestions to aid you in your quest on how to grow taller. The first method that a number of people attest to enhancing your height is with the use of exercise - more specifically, stretching exercises. Not only will this help your posture, elevate your mood and help your blood circulation, it is also the most natural and healthiest way to encourage your body to produce lactate which in turn triggers the secretion of your own natural growth hormones (HGH). Pair this with a healthy consumption of raw fruits and vegetables and you will be well on your way to adding to your height.

The next method, very popular on the Internet, is with the intake of synthetic human growth hormones. Synthetic HGH can come in the form of both supplements and injections. While orally taking HGH has not been proven to increase height at all, injections are a surefire way to ensure the HGH gets into your bloodstream and triggers cell growth. The catch? The injections are only available with a prescription and most doctors will only prescribe them when there is a deficiency and/or health risk involved.

Not only that, but because the HGH is synthetic and not natural it also comes at the price of some pretty nasty side effects. If this sounds like something you might want to try, always take caution and do your research.

Now, a more extreme method, often only used under extreme circumstances, is with a surgery known as Limb Lengthening or Leg Lengthening. This is a costly and extremely painful invasive surgery that involves cutting the bone, inserting pins through the skin into the bone and then attaching an external device on the legs to these pins that pulls the bones apart, leaving a gap for new bone matter to be produced. Although this method will certainly add the most height, it is very painful and time consuming, taking months before the desired results are achieved.

Very few doctors will perform it for cosmetic purposes, if any, and as with most surgeries, it comes with high health risks. If you are seriously considering this option, talk to your doctor and really inform yourself on the procedure before making a decision.

Finally, if none of the above suits your needs, there are a few often overlooked tricks to employ that will give the appearance of added height. This is as easy as simply wearing heels, using shoe lifts, wearing vertical stripes and even losing a few pounds - all of these options will give the illusion of added height with minimal effort and at little or no risk to you.

Ultimately, the important thing to remember on your quest for How To Grow Taller is to always have realistic expectations. Height is genetic, so keep a level head when employing the above methods and do not despair if you don't reach your goal immediately. At the end of the day, just be safe, be happy and be informed. Good luck!