Date palms are very slow to get started, but are rewarding and easy to grow plants. Date palms are large, exotic plants with big, spiky leaves. In the wild they produce large trunks, but in the house they remain a lot smaller, reaching about 1.5m. The plants you raise at home are unlikely to produce any dates, but because they look so glamorous, they are worth growing. As the plants get quite large, they are best in a conservatory, but while they are still small, they are good for a sunny window sill.

Date fruit is normally found in hot and dry regions including desert lands. This is because date fruit requires a lot of ground water to survive, but it also requires a dry and hot temperature to grow fruits. Normally date plants are grown for only these two types of uses.

For Commercial Use: Date plants are grown from offshoots of there mother tree.

For Non-commercial Use: Date plants are grown from seeds.

To Grow Your Own Date Palm Keep In Mind The Following Tips:

Ø Collect some fresh palm seeds.

Ø Soak the seeds in water for nearly about 24-48 hours. Change water accordingly for once in a day or even twice if required. Use sharp knife or tweezers to pick out pieces of fruit flesh.

Ø Put some vermiculite (a natural mineral that expands when heated) in a plastic box. Sprinkles some teaspoons of water and then add seeds and mix them slightly.

Ø Seal the box and put them in the warmest place of your house e.g. (hot water tank).

Ø Check the seeds every few days (after 2 days). Only if vermiculite is very dry add some drops of water and wait until the seeds are sprout.

Ø When the seeds are sprout plant them in a small pot.

Ø Date palm do not like being in pots which are too big for them, so when you repot them, always put them in a small pot.

Ø Bury them little beneath the surface and water carefully (do not flood them with water).

Ø Keep them warm and then wait.

Ø At last, a long leaf will appear and then you may proceed to grow your own palm tree.


Dates need warm temperature and bright light so, grow them on a sunny window sill or in a conservatory.

Water the plants regularly and take of them as well.