Water damage can absolutely ruin a Blackberry Curve, and the steps that you take to handle that water damage are crucial to your phone's survival! Water damage can happen when you are least expecting it; you can get thrown into a swimming pool as a gag, spill water on the pocket that you keep your cell phone in, or you could even drop it inside of the bathtub, sink, or toilet accidentally. Regardless of whatever way is is that this occurs, it is important that you are aware of when your cell phone encountered the water; this is mainly because time is a crucial factor when trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage! If not handled correctly, Blackberry Curve water damage can literally destroy the phone and not allow it to function ever again; however, if you handle Blackberry Curve water damage properly, your phone will be able to function as if nothing had ever happened to it. With this being said, absolutely everybody that owns a cell phone sOtterBox Impact Case For Blackberry CurveCredit: Amazon.comhould read this article so that they are fully aware of the steps to take if they are ever faced with a situation in which they must save their cell phone from potential water damage; continue reading and you too will be prepared in the event that this occurs.

Step 1- Separate As Much Of The Blackberry Curve As You Can 

This is definitely the most important step when you handle Blackberry Curve water damage, and reasonably placed as the first step. Since water has no shape and is unbelievably malleable, it can seep into the smallest places imaginable in a Blackberry Curve. Water can easily make its way into crevices in your cell phone that are too tiny to even see with the human eye. Moreover, trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage with the cell phone as a whole will result in the water seeping into these crevices and remaining there to damage the phone; however, with the phone taken apart it is much easier to handle the water in these small crevices. A great analogy that comes to mind is searching for a needle in a haystack; you have a much better chance at finding that needle if you separate the haystack into small pieces than if you were to look for it through the entire haystack at once. Separating as much of the cell phone as possible will give you the greatest chances when trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage successfully.

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Step 2- Dry Everything Off With A Towel

This step is describes the first in the drying process, and will greatly assist you when you are trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage. When your cell phone is exposed to water, a good portion of that water will remain on the surface. Despite the many cracks and crevices that are found on most Blackberry devices, there is a large enough surface area for a lot of water to rest. Ideally, drying the Blackberry Curve with a towel will handle all of the surface moisture that has not made its way into any cracks or crevices yet. This can be similar to patching up a hole in drywall in the sense that it is identical to placing. A large amount of putty filler over the hole; although this will not complete the job, it is a necessary step to ensuring its success. Drying as much as you can with a towel is crucial when trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage in that it removes the bulk of the moisture that can be found on the surface of the cell phone. You should take a look on Amazon for the lowest prices on Blackberry Curve cases to protect your cell phone.


Step 3- Use A Blow Dryer To Dry The Water That Can't Be Seen

As stated in the last paragraph, a lot of the water will have seeped into the many cracks and crevices that are found on your cell phone; using a blow dryer when trying to handlBlackberry Curve Zebra Silicone CaseCredit: Amazon.come Blackberry Curve water damage will counteract this negative occurrence. As you may already know, a blow dryer produces heat and directs that hot air towards whatever you are pointing it at. Although it takes a lot of hot air to evaporate a small amount of water, most of the water that has seeped into the cracks and crevices will be in such small amounts that you will not even be able to see them. This is the reason that a blow dryer is such an effective appliance when trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage; it would take years for a blow dryer to evaporate a full glass of water. But only minutes to evaporate many individual millilitres of water. Using a blow dryer is a great way to handle Blackberry Curve water damage; it heats up the cracks and crevices that the water is contained in so that it evaporates.


Step 4- Leave The Blackberry Curve Alone For 1 Hour

This step, although boring, is absolutely necessary when trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage; when you let the cell phone sit for 1 hour, some of the remaining water may move to a more accessible spot than it was previously. This hour also gives the water that is trapped amongst the important circuits of the cell phone to become exposed and ready to eliminate. Although leaving your cell phone alone for an hour may not seem proactive in regards to handling your Blackberry Curve water damage, it is a necessary step to be taken. The important thing when doing this is to not move the device at all; moving it may cause the water to go back to its previously inaccessible spot in a crack, crevice, or circuit.


Step 5- Use A Blow Dryer Again

This step is not as necessary as the first time using the blow dryer on the phone, but is still important when trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage. You should merely spend a few minutes with a blow dryer going over the different parts of the device to ensure that there is no remaining water. Water may be sitting in a crack or crevice, so even though it looks like you are done, you really are not; using a blow dryer for a second time eliminates this possibility. The hot air will push all of the water that is hiding in the cracks and crevices around, allowing it to be exposed to the human eye. Using a blow dryer for the second time should always be done when trying to handle Blackberry Curve water damage so that you can be 100 percent positive that there is no remaining water.


Step 6- Put It Back Together And Try To Turn It On

This is the final test to see if you have handled the Blackberry Curve water damage successfully. If you have done everything properly and in a timely manner, the Blackberry Curve water damage will be insignificant to its functionality, and the cell phone will turn on and function properly; however, if you have taken too long or left too much water inside of the device, it may malfunction, or not even turn on at all! You must first reassemble the cell phone to the best degree that you can remember, and then attempt to power it on. This step will greatly determine whether or not your attempts to control the Blackberry Curve water damage have been successful. Hope for the best and see how you have done!


Knowing how to handle Blackberry Curve water damage can be a rather difficult thing. Our instinct is to first try to turn the device on to see if it still functions; however, doing so stands great potential at actually ruining the functionality of the device. Trying to turn it on while it is still wet can fry the circuits; however, doing this last will prove to be successful. This article provides you with plenty of useful information in regards to how to handle Blackberry Curve water damage; gain this knowledge, and be prepared just in case this happens to you or somebody that you know!