Chemotherapy administration is a very strong and powerful use of drugs to eliminate the cancer cells that are in the body. Once a diagnosis of cancer is made, chemotherapy will be one of the options available for the doctor when your treatment plan is being developed.

There are many ways that chemotherapy can be administered to the body. They can come in oral form through capsules or liquids. Sometimes chemotherapy is administered through injection into the vein or muscle and they can also be given through an intravenous drip. The doctor will determine the method that is used. The choice is generally determined by the doctor based on the best way to get the drug to the right part of the body in the correct amount of dosage.

The chemotherapy administration will determine where the patient will have to receive their treatment. There are some patients that are able to take their chemotherapy drugs at home and not have to go into the hospital. Other patients are required to be in the hospital for the treatment. Sometimes the visit is only for a few hours while other patients must stay over for a few days.

It is very important that the patient visit the doctor regularly while they are receiving chemotherapy treatments. The effect of the chemotherapy on the cancer must be monitored so that the doctor can make changes to the treatments such as increasing the dosage or trying different drugs. Without this type of monitoring there will be no way for the doctor to determine if the treatment is working.

The chemotherapy administration will not minimize the amount of side effects that the patient will feel. Chemotherapy side effects can be almost as difficult as the illness itself. The common side effects of chemotherapy are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and hair loss. Every patient is different but the side effects of chemotherapy can be difficult to deal with.

If your doctor has made chemotherapy a part of your treatment plan you will have to follow all of the doctor's instructions while you are receiving treatment. It is very important that the patient eats a healthy diet and continues to take care of their health while they are being treated for their cancer. It can be difficult during chemotherapy administration. A good support group around you can help you to manage the problems that are associated with cancer treatment. Take all the help that is offered to you when you are trying to get through your illness.