How To Handle More Stress

People tend to stay away from stressful activities, instead of welcoming them. If possible they would avoid at all means. You may have heard many tips on how to reduce stress, but not tips on how to handle increasing stress. How then can we increase our capacity to handle stress instead of trying to reduce it?

Stress is rampant in today's society whether is it personal, at home, at work or even in social settings. It can hurt if you do not appreciate stress and its effects and even welcome it. In many situations, you may usually push away stressful activities and in doing so, take the easy way out. This in effect may cause you to be complacent.

You can learn about handling more stress from watching weight lifters or body builders. You observe body builders who are able to carry heavy weights. When they begin to carry these weights, they would set a certain weight which their bodies can take the load, for example 100 kg. They would do weight lifting until their bodies are toned to carrying that load. Then they would proceed to the next level by adding another 10 to 20 kg. In this way, they train their bodies to take more stress by way of weights.

There is one precaution to note which is not to over-stress your capacity. If you are not toned to take a lot of stress in one go, it is best for you to go slow and progress, just like the weight lifting. You should move forward step by step.

Another example is in the workplace. How can you increase your performance? When you take on more responsibilities, you somehow will take on more stress. You should welcome these additional responsibilities but be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for increasing stress. Though the stress may take you to the next level, it is also important to know your limit and learn to say 'stop' or 'no' or 'later'. 

How to know you have reached the limit? You may experience some form of chest pain. You may find yourself working late hours often. You may find yourself easily igitated or easily angered, especially when you are at home with your family. You may find yourself losing your balance. In such situations, it is best to discuss with your family, friends or immediate supervisors on your conditions and take corrective actions if possible.