Writers Block, that dreaded state of apprehension, when you realise that you have just spent the past hour staring at a flashing line, and that you will never get that hour of your life back again. Or it is that moment when you realise that what you thought was a carpet is now a blanket of scrunched up pieces of paper. Yes, that mind freeze that comes to us all in the end, is easily the biggest stress-inducer known to the average writer. And, anyone who claims that they never suffered from this seemingly (at times) incurable disease, is, quite frankly, a big fat, long nosed, spotty tongued liar! Here are a few tips on how to beat that evil block away, without too much hassle:-

Things You Will Need

Pen Paper Newspapers The Internet

Step 1

Search for some interesting quotes, and see if they inspire anything in you.

Step 2

Read through the local and national press, and see if you can find any stories that amuse, shock or spark any other kind of emotion for you. A great idea is to cut any stories that interest you out, and stick them into a Writers Block scrapbook that you can flick through whenever you need a little boost!

Step 3

Invest in Creative Block. The book is full to bursting with ideas, inspirations, thoughts and quotes that will help with your writers block. The best thing about this little block book is that it's small enough to travel with your in your bag, which is actually pretty nifty!

Step 4

Write down the first line of a song, novel or poem, and use that line as the first line of a story or poem. You might want to change the first line in the future, for copyright reasons, but for now, it can be that little inspiration that gives you a nice push in the right direction!

Step 5

Sitting and staring at your screen or paper, is likely to do nothing more than frustrate you, not only at your inability to write, but also at the waste of time, and lack of productivity. So, get up and do something else instead. Keep yourself busy, because this is usually when inspiration will hit you.

Step 6

Acknowledge to yourself that if you can't think of anything, that it is not the end of the world, and it certainly does not mean that you are a bad writer, and will never be able to write anything ever again. This simply is not true. You are not a bad writer, you are completely normal, and you can overcome this!

Step 7

Blogging is a great way of forcing yourself to write, especially is you descipline yourself to write every single day. Write about your day, and if it sounds boring, who cares? Someone else might find you interesting, and if they comment, then that is guaranteed to set you back up on the right tracks. Plus, blogging is a great way of recognising your own voice.

Step 8

If you're stuck in the middle of something, consider researching some writing exercise, there a plenty out there that will get you into your lead characters head.
Good luck, and happy writing (and blogging).

Tips & Warnings

The most important thing about Writers block, is to not let yourself get frustrated by it, because that's just going to make things worst. Writers Block is completely normal, and we all go through periods where we just can't put pen to paper.