Dating Tip 1

Get In The Mood!


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Get in the mood. How you are feeling when you go for your date will make all the difference to how much you enjoy it. If you are feeling stressed out from your day, or you are in a stinker of a mood, it is worth taking the time to get yourself into a better space before going for your date, if at all possible.

You will be most attractive to your man if you are feeling relaxed and feminine when he comes, plus you will enjoy yourself a lot more. If you have time take a bath and spend some time getting ready and pampering yourself to make yourself feel really good. Or perhaps just go for a short walk to get out of 'work' mode and into date mode.

How you are feeling directly affects your vibe and your energy. If you are feeling carefree and happy this will create good energy for your date. However DON'T fake it. You won't fool him and your vibe will give away how you are really feeling. Be authentic (think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's). 

If you don't have time to do this (for example if you are meeting him straight from work) you can always excuse yourself once you get to the date and pop to the ladies, where you can take a minute to yourself. sometimes just simply slowing down and taking some deep cleansing breaths will shift your vibe immediately, and help you to feel more relaxed and feminine!

Dating Tip 2


Listen to your date. I mean REALLY listen. Just sit back and be open to this human being sitting opposite from you. Notice any judgements you are making about him and still remain open. Then really listen to what he is saying, rather than starting to think what your answer will be or letting your mind wander.

This will do two things, it will make him feel good - we all like to feel important and heard - and you may even find that you start to feel interested in what he is saying! Then you can formulate an authentic response to what he is saying.

I am quite traditional in some ways and think it works best to let a man lead, so I suggest allowing him to lead the conversation, however wherever possible talk about something that you feel really passionately about. When I say passionately I mean in a positive way, NOT something you feel angry about. Your passion will shine through and bring some magic to the conversation. Don't stick to safe, boring topics like what he does for a living (yawn) - how many times do you think a woman has asked him that and more importantly how does it make him feel? Like you want to know if he has the potential to keep you, does he earn enough, which just doesn't feel great for a first date. I know this will be hard to swallow for many people and I really don't think what he does for a living is hugely important. HOW HE MAKES YOU FEEL AND HOW HE TREATS YOU OVER TIME are the important factors. And it usually takes more than one date to know about this with a man.

Think of creating moments that are charged with emotion, preferably positive, but most important that they are authentic. This builds attraction. And this is what we want.

Dating Tip 3


Smile! A smile makes a person SO much more attractive and lifts the mood. Plus smiling has been shown to release feel good chemicals in your brain, and the brain of the person watching you smile. This is the kind of magic that creates romance!

Dating Tip 4

Be Authentic!

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Be you! At the end of the day you want someone who actually likes YOU, exactly how you are. So make sure to let your authentic self shine through. This doesn't mean you have to tell him every detail about yourself, and it certainly doesn't mean he has to know any of the things you consider negative, now is not the time for sharing your baggage. In fact I am a believer in not really making a big deal out of stuff from the past, or stuff we consider 'bad' about ourselves, unless it comes up very naturally. Instead focus on letting your fun, playful side come out. Share something about how you FEEL. Not about something big, just perhaps something about how your surroundings are making you feel, or seeing the flowers that he brought you.

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Dating Tip 5

Treat It Like Practice!

Take the pressure of by treating it as a learning experience, instead of a try out for a potential mate. Too often when women go out on dates they view their date as a potential boyfriend or husband, and instead of relaxing and enjoying the experience they are making judgements in their head, and going through a mental checklist about this man and whether he ticks all the boxes of what they think is important. And this totally sets up the wrong vibe for the date.

Instead view this date as 'practice'. Then even if you don't feel attracted to the man you can still just enjoy the date and the experience. You could even practice your dating skills!

When you truly open yourself to people without judgement, magic happens. Who knows you might just feel surprised!

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