William and Kate

All the predictions this year point towards the return of sophisticated, elegant and even lavish weddings, probably because of the influence of Prince William and Kate Middleton's impending nuptials. Brides-to-be everywhere are watching them for the stylish statement they are sure to make. Beautifully decorated linens for the tables, ornate place settings, cascading bridal bouquets, formal attire for all, and classic colors that are stately and charming will encompass the day. All of that is simply lovely, but, I have one question-who is going to pay for all of that?

If you have been dreaming of a fairy tale wedding but don't have funds to finance it, your dreams can still come true with a few adjustments. With these ideas, Cinderella can still have her glass slipper and Prince Charming will still be waiting at the altar to sweep her off to a brand new life. Here are four ways to have a royal wedding without the riches!

Limit the guest list

It is a lot easier to go all out with the finer things in life when you don't have as many guests to consider. A small, intimate affair might even be more meaningful than a larger one because only your closest family and friends will be there. Unlike William and Kate, you won't have to invite a bunch of dignitaries (i.e., people you really don't know) to the celebration.

No one will know it is not a designer gown

Let's face it. Unless you actually look at the tag, it is kind of hard to tell a designer gown from one off the rack. As long as the quality is there, no one will be the wiser-you'll just be wealthier having saved a fortune on the dress. Another option is to consider having your wedding gown made, especially if you have family members or friends who are skilled seamstresses. Men can purchase a stylish suit that can be worn for business and special occasions instead of hiring one for the day. It is a much better use of the funds.

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Select a grand centerpiece and embellish with the basics

When it comes to the decorations, this is your chance to splurge on a few items. Beautiful centerpieces or a few ornate accents will make a great first impression when guests arrive. And because you can balance them with a few basic touches that you either make yourself or get a deal on, you will come out ahead when it comes to saving money. Going with the rule of thumb that less is more, you can even put fabulous wedding favours at each place setting as inexpensive accents that will "wow" your guests, and simply add flowers in the center.

Use natural resources

Capitalize on what's around you, and use your resources well. This could mean having a friend who's also a photographer take wedding photos for free or picking a unique venue for the reception that makes a statement and does not need a lot of dressing up with decorations. Bride Georgia Simpson of Wiveliscombe, UK shares how they saved money on their "royal" wedding. "My husband and I got married in a beautiful listed reception office at St. Georges House in Tiverton, Devon that had a secret garden for photos at the back, stone mullion windows, oak paneled walls and flag stone floors," she says. By taking pictures in the garden, there was no need for additional decorations. Mother Nature had already taken care of that.

Inviting Invites

A wonderful opportunity to get noticed from the start, the invitations set the tone for the wedding. But, everyone knows that engraved invitations with opulent touches and hand calligraphy can be costly. Save by having lacy details printed on the paper instead of adding a lace overlay. Choose an elegant script that stands out to really set your invitations apart. Take a basic invite up a notch by adding just the right finishing touches, like digital calligraphy instead of having envelopes addressed by hand.

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Shop Online Auction Sites

You would be surprised at the vast amount of things that can be purchased on eBay or similar sites. Once you find the style or item you are looking for, check the websites for the deals.

There are dozens of way to save when planning a wedding. But by the end of the day, you will realise that sharing the day with family and friends is the most valuable of all.