scary halloween

Perhaps the last few years just haven’t given you enough of a scary Halloween and this year you are truly hoping to make sure it’s the best. Many times with as busy as everyone is they let this holiday slip by when they’re an adult. Being frightened helps get the blood flowing and creates a feeling of exhilaration. If you want to insure you get some fright this year you can! With the right amount of planning you could be sure to have a scary Halloween that could be hard to forget. Here are a few things you should be sure to try:

Get The Movies Out

Whether you decide to add this part of your scary Halloween to the actual night or you do it around the holiday it will be sure to raise some Goosebumps on your skin. There are hundreds of movies for you to choose from making sure you have a scary Halloween movie night. If you have a hard time selecting one then choose from a couple themes. Grab a zombie flick, a vamp movie and a werewolf film. These are just a few spooky films to help set the holiday tone. Make sure to have a friend to watch them with or else you’ll be afraid to go to bed! Have a few snacks and make a night of it.

Do Some Gravestone Rubbings

If you have the courage then go out at night and get some rubbings of interesting grave stones and you’ll be sure to have a scary Halloween that will give you nightmares. Even if you don’t want to risk going out at night you’ll still have a scary Halloween if you decide to do this activity in the afternoon. Get some dark construction paper and some chalk and head to the oldest graveyard near you. Pick some interesting stones or very old stones and do some rubbings.  Be sure to bring some hot cider along for refreshment!

Campfire Tales

To insure you have a scary Halloween then you’ll want to take time out for stories that are spooky. For the most frightening affect, take some time to sit around a campfire late at night and share your scary Halloween stories with friends. Often times, sitting outside under the stars can be enough to set the mood for fear. Add a tale that involves murderous criminals, spooks that won’t rest or dogs that are part man and you’re sure to not want to be alone! If you and your friends aren’t super creative then bring along a book of short scary stories to read from.

Hold A Séance For A Scary Halloween

This is something that will insure you have a scary Halloween even if you’re not a true believer. Take the time to get a board or look up a ritual and gather a few friends. Light some candles and let the scary Halloween begin! Try to throw as much effort into the rituals you have found and you’ll help to set the mood. Make sure you’re in a dark room and that everyone involved knows who is trying to be called upon. Holding onto each other’s hands in this event does more then call the dead-it helps you keep from getting scared out of your wits!

Go To A Haunted House And Insure You Have A Scary Halloween

Keep an eye on the local newspapers, listen to the radio and watch bulletin boards and you’ll be sure to see many different haunted house advertisements insuring you can have a scary Halloween.  Chose a couple that promise to scare your britches off and then go with a friend or two. There is sure to be something nearby promising a scary Halloween, but if not then try some surrounding big cities for a wider selection. If you want to make sure you find the scariest one without difficulty then ask friends which ones they have gone to and what they thought of them.

Check Out A Late Night Hayride

Being outside in the dark can easily get you in the mood for a scary Halloween. Being on a hayride with several other people who are just a little afraid will only add to the atmosphere. Having people and things jump out at you while you’re riding along amongst a group of strangers can be truly frightening. When you’re looking for a scary Halloween you should definitely consider taking it outdoors and you’ll up the fright factor. If you can’t find a haunted hayride near you then look for corn mazes. Either of these events is sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck. Also, they don’t usually cost too much so you can easily go to more than one.

Make Sure To Go To A Party Or Two

It may seem unnecessary to say, but if you want to be sure you have a scary Halloween this year make sure you to at least one costume party. As adults we often forget how fun it is to spend an evening pretending we are someone (or something) else. To insure this year is a scary Halloween year ask all your friends about where the parties are going to be at. If no one seems to know, then host one yourself and you’ll have fun creating a frightening atmosphere along the way! If you want it to be extra special then plan on some fog, decorations, punch bowls and music that will set the mood.

No matter what your plans are for this Halloween make sure to take some time out for yourself. It’s a fun holiday that often reminds us of being kids and helps us to forget about the long work week. And when it comes to being terrified kids know the emotion best. So, if you are certain you want to be frightened this year then you are best to not try just one of the suggestions above, but to try all of them so you are sure to have one scary Halloween!