Spring cleaning is the designated time of year to get everything organized.  All of the clutter that builds up through holidays, birthdays, and every day life, about reaches its limit at the begining of spring.  Around March, it's time to clean every mess that's accumulated through your house, and start getting your life back into organization for the next year.

The best incentive you can give yourself for motivation during spring cleaning, is to plan ahead for a yard sale.  With a yard sale in mind, you can remove several amounts of clutter that's been built up around your house, and make some money from a bunch of junk that you no longer want.  With money in mind, this may help you clean as well, because it won't feel like you're simply throwing away a bunch of your stuff for nothing.  The money will help give you the extra push to throw away several unwanted things that you still might have had a problem with tossing.


The best place to start your spring cleaning, and look for junk that you would like to sell at your yard sale, is the garage.  The garage is usually the first place that most people throw unwanted junk.  Always remember that one person's trash, is another person's treasure.  Several things that are collecting dust in your garages or storage spaces, may be highly valued by someone else.  Pick several different things that you no longer want, and set them aside for your yard sale.  After you've removed everything that you would wish to sell, start organizing your garage.  This is usually one of the hardest tasks of spring cleaning, but since you've already started, it shouldn't be that hard.  Clean your garage spotless, and you may also find other things that you might want to sell for your spring cleaning yard sale.

Another high-profile place that might hold several yard sale items, are the closets throughout your house.  Look for different things that other people may want, and that you may no longer wish to keep.  Remember to organize the closet as you're going, so that you can be multi-tasking.  After you've searched the closet, go throughout the house and continue to spring clean.  While you're cleaning each room, be sure to keep an eye out for things you may no longer want.  These will help free up space in your house, and help get you a little bit of extra money.

After cleaning out the garage, the closets, and the different rooms, remember that your yard sale will have people coming to the outside of your house (you can find valuable ways to advertise your yard sale in this article that I've written).  This may be a good time to do some yardwork so that everything looks good for the potential customers.  Mow the grass if it needs it, pick up all messes outside, and simply make the exterior of your home look top-notch.  This will cause your house to be more appealing to "yard-salers" and it will be a good clean on the exterior of your home.

After your spring cleaning yard sale is over, donate all of the left over items to the local Goodwill, or some other charity.  These items don't need to waste space inside of your home again (after it's freshly cleaned) and they could be of better use to someone else that needs them more.