Pulling off a successful Halloween party for children and adults is not that difficult provided you follow the basics. Keeping ideas unique and simple will help take some of the stress out of a fun occasion. Friends and family can pull together to help with the format listed in this article and I assure if followed, a good time will be had by all.

Space-When planning a Halloween party the first thing you have got to think about is where? Garages, covered porches are ideal spots to host an awesome party especially if the weather should become inclimate. However, a friend of mine once held the party in her yard and used several tents and canopies to create areas for the snack tables. It actually was a cool and practical way to improvise and tents can actually be made to look pretty creepy with fake spider webs draped all over them. If you don't have a designated area, you might want to try that idea.

Decor-Ideas for parties run the gammet. There are so many that we can use I'd be here all day listing them so I will just give you a few that I think are cool. Some you may know, some you may not know. The idea is to hopefully inspire your own imagination to add to the list. Every great party has to have punch. I love any Halloween punch that is either Red, orange or Green. Its all about food coloring. However, I like to take it to the next level and add creepy things to the punch too. The night before the party, freeze rubber gloves filled with water (I like to tint mine with green food coloring) and secure the end with a rubber band. When the punch is made, remove the gloves and add them to the punch. Creepy floating hands are a nice touch. YOu can also add eyeball bubble gum to ice cube trays, freeze and dump these in to the punch too. Freeze them in red Kool aid for a real gross look lol. Invest in some Plastic jack-o-lanterns and fill these with candy and goodies for your table instead of bowls. Its cuter and these can be reused year after year. I also like to use what I may already have for decor in a party. Terracotta pots with cheap little Halloween masks hot glued and secured to them make fun Bowls to serve candy in. You can also line them with Plastic shopping bags and fill with popcorn. Inexpensive flat white sheets can be splattered in red paint and used for table cloths, and also with clothes pins and clothes line, draped around the party area for a creepy back drop. For smaller children, have table set up with Halloween art supplies, non toxic stick glue, construction paper, child safety scissors and crayons. Let them draw and create spooky artwork to display on the sheets you have all around the room.

Guests that can't complain-I like to make a few Halloween guests to sit around the room too. These can be made out of mens old clothes and can sit on lawn or patio chairs. A cute way to add to the atmosphere. For added ambience, you can purchase a fogging machine for around $150.00. If that is too steep why not go in on one with a neighbor or friend and each year alternate between you to use it at your party? That's only $75.00 each and it's really fun to have.

Food, Music and Games-No party is complete without food, music and games, why bother if this isn't factored in, and better yet, why go? lol. Food is one of the fun parts of any party. I suggest to keep costs down, get together with the guests and ask each one to bring a food item. Whether it is soda, chips, cupcakes, it is a big help and a small price to pay for an awesome evening of fun. Moms can take leftovers home with them to cut down on your clean up time after. For fun cake to serve at your Halloween party, try my Earthquake cake recipe. It is great to decorate like an old cemetary and has a creamy center that will ooze out when you slice pieces for your guests. I will provide a link at the bottom of this article. Music, if you can, try to rig up a few speakers around the area and play spooky sound effects. I also like traditional music, like Monster mash...Games- I like games that are just as entertaining for the parents to watch as it is for the kids. Here are few I like, Scariest Costume, Best Monster Dance, and Scariest Face. Have your guests sit around in a circle and hold a flashlight to their face. Have the first one start off a scary story, by using only a few sentences. Pass the flashlight to the next guest and have them add to the story. It is alot of fun listening to kids make up the story as it goes along. Im always shocked at how creative kids can be. Video tape and watch next year at the next Halloween party for a great laugh for all.