Eco Halloween(67637)

US consumers spend almost $2 billion dollars during the Halloween season on candy which is really scary and not at all eco-Halloween. If you must hand out candies go for fair trade or organic treats. One small way to go for an eco-Halloween is since Halloween is close to Thanksgiving decorate by using fall themed décor. Gather up fall leaves and pinecones and use them as table decorations. Both holidays use similar colors – browns, oranges and gold. Also use recycled products whenever you can find them which is a great way to be eco-Halloween friendly.

Use Existing Supplies

Instead of having Halloween decorations that include a real carved Halloween pumpkin, encourage your small children to create the perfect Halloween pumpkin weeks before the actual day. Give them recycled colored or glittery paper and paints or crayons which they probably already own and let them use their imagination to create imaginative eco-Halloween decorations. When handing out goodie bags be eco-Halloween and use those friendly recyclable cotton grocery bags instead of one use specially designated Halloween themed candy collection containers. Or let them decorate paper bags that have carrier handles like you may have received from a department store. Or give those unused handbags a workout and let them dress up with them and use them to collect candy in.

Go Green For A Party

Instead of purchasing specially made Halloween themed foods for that Halloween party go eco-Halloween by serving foods you may normally use except make them look Halloween scary. Use carrots and sliced almonds as dead fingers sticking out of an avocado dip. Create red dyed hard boiled egg whites using beets for the coloring as scary eyeballs. Go for green mashed potatoes or use red tomato soup with cooked rice gently laid on top of each bowl labeled worms. If making Halloween cookies go eco-Halloween and make enough cookie dough so that a portion can be frozen. Make pumpkin colored cookies for the Halloween party and freeze the rest to make Thanksgiving cookies.

Green Costumes

Take a wander through the cloths closets and let the kids come up with ideas for eco-Halloween costumes. Oversized clothes make great bum outfits especially with some self stick felt pieces to disguise the clothing. A clown costume is easy to create with colorful clothing and the clothing can be reused. Or really go eco-Halloween and use an old towel for a toga and add a simple homemade crown of colorful fall leaves twisted together with pipe cleaners.

Spend Less Only Use What You Have On Hand Or Can Grow

Instead of carving real pumpkins try to find those really eco-Halloween friendly recycled heavy paper pumpkins already in Halloween form and let the children decorate them as they choose with found items like fallen leaves or acorns. Or start a pumpkin patch in the yard. Growing your own pumpkins is very eco-Halloween and provides lots of enjoyment too. Growing pumpkins takes about 85-125 days to mature and to be really eco-Halloween use your own compost for fertilizer.