Sometimes we really need to get our feelings out, and we just need a little help, a little emotional catalyst as it were, to achieve the emotional catharsis we are seeking. Read on to learn more.

Things You Will Need

A willingness to allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable when necessary.

Step 1

If you are feeling very stressed out, almost as though your emotions are sort of clamoring at the front gate trying to escape, it can be a great relief just to cry. (With women, PMS is a time when we often feel all over the place emotionally and could really benefit from the emotional relief that crying can provide.) But sometimes, especially if you have been keeping your emotions pent up for a long time, you may need a little something to push you over the proverbial edge and actually trigger the good cry that you so desperately need. If you have recorded any old tearjerker movies or songs, both are perfect for this. You may feel as though you are sort of manipulating yourself and your own emotions, but all you are actually doing is giving yourself the means to achieve a desired end: an emotional catharsis.

Step 2

Crying sometimes gets a bad rap because some people view it as a sign of emotional weakness, but that could not be further from the truth. The ability to cry on occasion is actually a sign of emotional fortitude because it means you do not hide from your emotions. You actually allow yourself to fully feel them, and that is never an easy task. Not only that, but when your emotions are all pent up inside of you, they can actually make your physically sick. Crying opens the floodgates and releases those pent up emotions in an emotionally healthy and constructive way.

Step 3

Another benefit of triggering your own emotional catharsis on demand and when it suits your own schedule is that you are giving yourself permission to completely let down your guard and relax and release all kinds of emotional tension. Think of it as getting a professional neck or back massage, but on a spiritual and emotional level rather than on a physical one. In the same way that a professional massage can release the knots of tension in your neck and back, allowing yourself to have a really good cry can release the knots of tension that have built up in your heart and soul.

An emotional catharsis (especially one that fits in with the rest of your life because you triggered it deliberately at a time that suits you) can be spiritually and emotionally cleansing. Once you feel cleansed, it is easier to feel better and have the sense of an emotional fresh start. It's kind of like cleaning all the gunk out of your emotional engine, so that your emotional life will feel unblocked and flow smoothly. 

Tips & Warnings

Of course not every emotional catharsis can be scheduled or timed. Human beings are far more complex than that, and the need to have a good cry can rise up in us at any given moment. Sometimes you may even cry when you are out in public, at a time when you would prefer to feel and appear more 'in control' of your emotional states. But even a public emotional catharsis that may be the source of some self consciousness as it is occurring can ultimately be of great value because of the emotional cleansing and relief that it provides.