Rainy days come along sometimes when you are at the beach. You should have a plan of some things to do with kids during a rainy day. Here are some ideas of things to do during a rainy or overcast day at the beach.

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Go out for a late breakfast
Let everyone sleep in if possible, then go out to an all-day breakfast place like IHOP or Denny's. The kids can get elaborate pancake breakfasts or whatever they like. It's cheaper than dinner and it's a fun break for them.

Try a nature center
If there is a nature center nearby, this is a good cloudy day activity for a few hours. The kids can learn something about the natural world around them and can use it for a school report if they have to do one over the Summer. Pick up brochures if this is the case, so they can remember later what they saw.

Hit the pool instead
If there is a pool where you are staying, kids will be just as satisfied with a few hours at the pool. Don't go in if it's an outdoor pool and it's actually stormy out, as there is always a chance of lightning.

Boardwalk games
If there is a boardwalk nearby, take a walk with them, ride the tram car, get some ice cream or fries and play some games in the arcades.

Bring a game system
It is a good idea to bring a game system along so the kids can occupy themselves on a rainy day or just in the evening when they are bored. Remember to bring a selection of games - let the kids pick out their own.

Bring books
If they need to do any reading over the Summer, a rainy day is a good time to get some reading done. Separate the kids and ask them to read for at least 30 minutes or an hour before taking a break. If they don't have any mandatory reading, take them to a bookstore and let them pick out a book, magazine or a couple of comic books to read.

Go to a movie
Go out to a matinee movie if possible. Matinees are usually cheaper. If there isn't a movie theater nearby, rent a DVD or two that they can watch at home.

Go fishing
If you have fishing equipment, an overcast day is a great time to go fishing. If not, see if there is a pier nearby that rents fishing equipment.

Visit a tide pool
Check the tide chart in the newspaper or online and visit a rocky beach at low tide. This is fun because you can see all kinds of sea creatures that you won't see on ocean beaches. This is fun especially for younger kids.

Go to the beach

Even though it may be overcast, you can still go for a walk along the beach. On a cloudy day, the beach is usually deserted. If there was a storm, different shells and driftwood may be tossed up on the beach. See if anyone can find some colorful beach glass.

Go golfing
Kids of all ages enjoy playing putt-putt golf. If you have any putt putt courses nearby, take the kids here, then stop off for some ice cream.

Rent bikes
A cloudy day is good for riding bikes on the boardwalk. Usually you can rent bikes for an hour or two at a reasonable cost.

Remember that the sun is still capable of burning even on an overcast day, so use a hat and sunscreen.