Malaysian Hair Extensions

The type Kim Kardashian Uses
Things You'll Need:
-Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions
A hair dresser/Hair stylist

Kim Kardashian is known for luscious booty and her luscious wavy hair. Styles with volume and texture are the season's must-have looks; which is show cased by Kim Kardashian's gorgeous locks.
Just follow these four so-simple steps to go from flat or frizzy to full and fabulous.

Step 1:Get a trim.
It might seem counterproductive to get a chop when you're looking for full hair, but if you go to your hair stylist and ask for a hair trim of about an 1/4 of an inch, you will lose minimal length and lose all of your dead ends. Dead ends makes your hair look drab and wispy. Chopping those off will ultimately make your hair feel and look a lot better.

Step 2:
Use a volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and leave in product. Most volumizing products don't have oils and silicones in them. Look at the ingredient label in the back. If one of the first few ingredients is some kind of oil; or if it ends in some kind of "-cone" in the ingredients list, then try to stay clear from it. These ingredients will coat and weigh your hair down.

It helps to use a deep clarifying shampoo once a week. I recommend Redken's Hair Cleansing Cream Shampoo. It deeply cleans your hair and rids it of all impurities; including silicones, dandruff, and product build up; allowing your hair to be bouncy and shiny in all its natural luster.

A leave in product is just that; a product that you leave in your hair post shower. When it comes to these kind of products, more is less. There are a plethora of leave in mousses and pomades that declare that they volumize your hair. I recommend a mousse at the roots. Do not put product in the body of your hair

Step 3:
Put your leave in product in your roots and blow dry your hair while facing upside down. Use a wide tooth comb, or a denman brush to brush out your hair. Blow drying your hair at medium heat, while upside down and brushing your hair, will help your hair reach for the sky!

When your hair is dry, you may want to use a curling iron and clamp the roots of your hair. Section out your hair, and put a curling iron right at the root. Hold for 10 seconds. Then repeat on another section. This will make the root of your hair go up, and essentially help volumize your hair style. Or you can curl your whole head, if you wish also.

Step 4: Buy Malaysian extensions, I recommend a Silky Straight weave from, Amazon. She uses malaysian hair, which is a bit more expensive-(yet that much more lustrous)-compared to types of hair extensions. If you quickly google it, you can see a plethora of stores that sell the hair. Or you can ask your hair dresser about it. Malaysian hair types of extensions have thicker hair shafts and will definitely help you get that Kim Kardashian look.

Tips and Warnings:
- Oil molecules are not as permissible to your hair as water molecules. It creates a film around the hair shaft, subsequently weighing it down. You want your hair to be full and lustrous.
- Malaysian Hair extensions will definitely help. Get it!