Before you go to sleep!

Your nightly ritual greatly affects how you feel in the morning. Do you flip on the TV before you hit the hay? Check your favorite forums? Maybe listen to your music? All of these things affect how you sleep and thus how you feel in the morning, whether you realize it or not. So these are these are the best and worst things to do before, well at least in my well rested opinion.


The Best Habits

- A Bath - Do you like a long, hot bath before you go to sleep? That's great, because baths relax both your muscles and your mind. They give you time to reflect on the day so you can go to bed with a clear head and they ease physical pain that could prevent you from sleeping. This seems simple, but it can really help a lot of people, so turn the knob and sink in.

- Warm Milk - A old classic that actually works, believe it or not. Not only do some people just find drinking it relaxing, there is real science behind it too. Milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan which is known to a chemical in your brain called serotonin which is believed to help you sleep.

- Make A To-Do List - This is a good one that not many people know about. Do you often stay up late at night trying to figure out how you're going to fit everything into the day? Spend about five or ten minutes every night making your list or schedule and it will clear your mind for a good nights rest. No scientific reason needed.

- Listen To Your Music - This one is another obvious but effective one. Try to listen to more soothing music generally, but in the end anything that relaxes you will work. Be sure not to play it too loud though as you will only make it more difficult for you too sleep.

The Worst Habits 

- Taking A Shower - Many people think that taking a shower has the same effect as taking a bath. Unfortunately that isn't true, as showers tend to wake you up seeing as you have water pounding on your skin. I would recommend insomniacs avoid showers during the evening hours.

- Watching TV - Many people flip on the TV before they call it a night, but this is generally a bad thing. Unless it's truly mindless, you wind up focusing on the program, whether you enjoy it or not. Then you wind up being fully alert as the show ends, and then what? You're supposed to go to sleep? This doesn't apply to everyone, but I would advise against the TV before bedtime.

- Alcohol and Sleeping Pills - I shouldn't have to say it, but unfortunately a lot of people use these as sleep aids. Not only do these lead to irregular sleep patterns, they can often make you feel more tired! Plus they can lead to more serious conditions later on. Avoid alcohol in the hour before bed time and the sleeping pills all together.

When you wake up!

There isn't too many bad habits that I feel need addressing after you wake up. So let's just post the positive things you can do to feel better in the morning! These will improve your entire day and get you off to a great start.

All The Good

- Drink A Glass of Water - This is simple and easy to do. When you wake up, before you eat just drink a glass of water. It will make you feel more full after you eat and just give you a general sense of well-being.

- Get Up Quickly - Lounging around in bed is a great way to make yourself sleepy again, whether you got a good nights sleep or not. Getting up and starting your routine will save you time and keep your routine moving along, possibly opening up time for later relaxation.

- Watch The Sunrise - May not be an option for everybody, but you should do it if possible. This is the equivalent of a hot bath in the morning, and I wouldn't miss it. Be sure to leave any kids or pets preoccupied so they don't harass you as you relax.

- Eat A Small Breakfast - I am not a big advocate of a large breakfast. They slow you down and leave you feeling too full. And when you feel too full, you generally have slower reflexes and are less aware of your surroundings. Beside's during the time it takes to prepare and eat you could be relaxing or enjoying yourself in some other way. And that's really the key to feeling refreshed.

Hope it helped!

Thanks for reading guys! I hope it helps you with your sleeping problems, or maybe just wanting to get some better rest.


Matthew H.