Many of us often complain about lack of time. As we can’t make our day longer, the only way to help ourselves having more time is to learn how to manage it wisely. Here are some methods that can be invaluable for you, if you want to have more time in your everyday life.

1. Sleep Only As Much As It's Necessary

Some people could have more time if they did not sleep longer than they need to. Researches show, that the ultimate portion of sleep is 6,5-7,5 hours per day. Moreover, people who sleep about seven hours daily are the most happy and have better health than those who sleep nine hours and more. So if you sleep that long every day, maybe it’s time to try waking up earlier?

2. Move Closer To Your Workplace

People are spending much time to commute. Many of us spend one hour or more everyday just to get to our place of work. Relocating closer to that place, you can save averagely 30 minutes to even 1 hour every day. Just consider how much more you could do in that time. In addition, if you live relatively close to your workplace, you can go there on foot, taking your daily dose of outdoor exercise. The same applies for the school or university.


3. Do A Shopping Only Once For A Few Days

 I personally know people who visit stores everyday just to buy one or two things they ran out of. It is not very smart, because they are losing much of their time just thinking which goods to buy and to queue. A way better is just to plan what you will need for the next couple of days first, and then go buy everything. Of course, for some people it can be unthinkable, but if you want to have more time, you have to sacrifice a little.

4. Plan Every Day

Why is it so important to have as much as possible planned? Because as you spend 10 or 15 minutes on planning, you can get rid of the situations, when you don’t know what to do next and waste time just messing around.


5. Try To Make Use Of Every While Possibly Most Effective

That refers mostly to the time when you are waitng for something. For example, if you got to read some book, newspaper, listen to a podcast or just plan the next day, do that while you are traveling or waiting in line. You can do some job on your laptop on that time too.

6. Do Things In Right Order

There are fair amount of things in our life, that can be done simultaneously. For example let’s assume, that you got to do a laundry, cook a dinner and clean your room. Instead of doing one thing after another, you can set you wash machine, then go preparing dinner and while it cooks you can clear your room just giving it a look from time to time. There are many other examples, just think about it that way and you are going to find more time-saving order for your daily matters.


7. Set Deadlines

 You should give yourself time limit for some tasks. Let the things take as much time as is it necessary, but not more. If you give yourself one day for some task, you will accomplish it over one day, but if you set a deadline to next week, it will probably take you one week. If you set no time limits, there will be a lot of things distracting you which will make finishing it more difficult. This is how it virtually works.

8. Learn To Do Your Everyday Things Faster

Another way to save some time is to learn your everyday things faster. For example, while computers play so important role in our lives, you can learn how to type faster.  Another priceless ability can be learning how to speed reading. Just ask yourself, what you do most frequently, and try to do it faster.

9. Concentrate On Your Work

No matter if it is social network, news or YouTube videos. There are a lot of things which may distract you from your work. And what is really bad, is that those things will take a lot of your time. But if you concentrate as much as you can on the thing you got to do right now, you will get it done way faster and better.

For sure there are a lot ways to save time every day. Having more time, you can spend it with your family, friends or doing things you really love. I hope that at least some of time-saving tricks mentioned above will help you to enjoy your free time and feel more happy in your life.