There are tips on saving money that can let you have nice things for a great price, you just have to know where to look. Budget spending does not mean you can't have nice things, it just means you have to know how to go about attaining things at a better price.

First, never buy a new car right off the lot, buy a car that is 2 years old instead. A new car loses a significant portion of it's value as soon as you drive it off the lot, and you are paying a premium just to be able to say, "my car is brand new". Pre-owned cars are a great deal especially today, many come with warranties more than 3 times longer than new cars, and have been put through meticulous inspections before they are resold by reputable dealers(it is wise to buy a preowned car from a reputable dealer associated with a major car brand, this way you do not have to worry about any shady dealings in the small print or the dealer going out of business). You can buy a luxury car with low mileage for a fraction of the price of a new car, and no one will know the difference as the car will be in pristine shape (with a great warranty) when you drive it off the lot.


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Clothes can be one of the things that break many peoples' personal budgets. You do not need to go to major department stores or designer companies to have nice clothes. There are specialty chains all over the U.S. that buy overstocked merchandise from major retail chains and sell them at a fraction of the price. The deals at these chains can be amazing, the only catch is that there is no guarantee of what they will have and the merchandise can change from day to day. If you are willing to look around a little and stop back at these stores regularly you can find great deals on designer clothes, it just takes a little luck and perseverance sometimes. Most people don't realize that depending on their location in some cases you can find great deals at Goodwill and other charitable stores also. This can be more of a long shot, but if their store is located in a town or city that has affluent neighborhoods sometimes great deals can be had here too.

Buying clothes at the end of the year can save you money as well. When stores and designers want to get rid of last years/last season's clothes they will mark them way down to make room for new inventory. This is one of the best times of the year to shop at major department stores because last years clothes are typically heavily discounted.

If you enjoy wine then warehouse clubs can be your best friend when budget spending. Many of the membership warehouse clubs carry very good wines and they are much less expensive than a traditional liquor store. They do not have quite as large a selection, but they do have high end wines at prices you would most likely never find outside of these warehouse clubs. The great thing about buying liquor there is that you do not have to be a member of the club to buy from their liquor stores is most cases(this can vary, but most of the major warehouse chains follow this policy of non members being able to buy from their liquor stores at no additional price).


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Living on personal budgets does not mean you can't enjoy a nice meal out either. Most cities both small and large have "restaurant weeks". These are a week or 10 days typically that restaurants have large discounts on their menus to try and bring in new customers. You can go out to a new restaurant in your town every night during one of these restaurant weeks and get deals on dinner that you would not be able to get at other times of the year. You can look up when cities near you have their restaurant weeks as well and by doing this you can visit many different restaurants near you and pay a fraction of the price for your meal that you normally would.

Along those lines there are also group "coupon" sites online that will offer many discounts which typically include restaurants. If you sign up for a few of these sites they will present you with offers in your area and many times restaurants will offer coupons such as a free appetizer or a certain percentage off of your meal. It is worth signing up for these sites as some of the coupons that become available can give you a significant discount.

When it comes to electronics budget spending can be tough, but it is possible to have nice electronics, you just have to have a little patience. Cell phone manufacturers, makers of tablet computers etc, are always coming out with new products to keep up with technology and demand. When a brand new cell phone or tablet comes out, buy the previous model that was the "hot item to have" just a few months ago. The technology typically is not much different, just a few new bells and whistles, and the deals you can get are great as the manufacturers want to get rid of these to make way for the "new best thing".

One of the last tips on saving money, but definitely one of the most important, is to remember that most everything in life is negotiable. This especially rings true if you are not buying the newest, most in demand item. If you are buying something that is a little older and is not in high demand, then the ball is in your court to try and negotiate an even better deal. It is always worth it to try, you will be surprised at how often this works, and even if it doesn't in every case you didn't lose anything by trying.



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