If you are rough with your hands in your daily life, and are looking for ways to make them look younger, then here are some great tips.

You don't need to march out there and get an expensive manicure. You can do a few of these tips at home.


If you have very dry skin, this will age them before their time, especially if you get cracks in the skin that can trap dirt and grime, and they just do not look good.

Here is a great trick to help heal those cracked and dry hands

If you can find a pair of cotton lightweight gloves, this will really help or buy them online as below.


Wash your hands well and try and get the grime out, even if you have to use a nail brush. If you can't get the discoloration or grime out, then use some lemon juice, this will help with any yellowing etc.

Now gently dry, but not completely, leaving a bit of moisture on the skin will help lock in moisture. Now for younger looking hands, take some hand lotion of your choice. A good heavy one for this treatment would work best you can get this online. Put plenty on, and then put on these cotton gloves overnight. This way you don't get greasy hand lotion everywhere and you lock the moisture in with the cotton gloves.

By morning your skin will be silky smooth. This is a great first step.

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Stay away from dark colors. If you want to have nice skin, then stick to light or clear coloured nail polish, and stay away from really long nails. They are not practical and you are likely to chip them. There is nothing that ages hands more than some broken shorter nails and some long. Keep your nails at the most 1/8 of an inch above the skin.

This way you are likely to keep your nails from being chipped and with the lighter coloured polish they will look longer and younger. Darker polishes tend to accent the flaws and are obvious when chipping begins.


If you don't think you would keep up a manicure, then don't get polish. Nothing ages a hand more than wearing off polish, or chipped polish. It would be better to have no polish then to have half coming off polish, especially the dark colors

Brown Spots

If your skin is older and have seen a lot of sun, you may be dealing with brown spots on your skin. You should see your doctor and mention any changes in the skin. If this is not a health issue such as skin cancer, then you can have younger looking ones, by using lemon juice on these brown spots for ten minutes then rinsing it off. This will fade the brown spots if you do this daily for at least a week.

Quit Smoking

Nothing ages the skin quicker than smoking, but the yellow stained fingers don't help at all. For younger skin, quitting smoking would be a huge help.

Using gloves 

In the winter it is easier to run outside and hop in the car and hang onto the steering wheel with a couple of fingers while the car is warming up right? Wrong! Using gloves as soon as that temperature dips will help protect your skin from the elements which can severely dry them out. So, instead of shoving your hands in your pockets, get a warm pair of gloves.

A good trick, is to have a pair of gloves in the pockets of any coats you own. This way you will always have a pair for if the weather turns. I quite often carry a pair of gloves or mitts and a headband for keeping my ears warm if the weather turns. They don't take up much room, even a thin pair of those "Thinsulate" brand are good.

Wear Gloves When Using Cleaners

If you clean the bathroom and the kitchen with cleaners, then take the trouble to put on some rubber or latex gloves. Harsh chemicals are hard on hands, even if you wash them afterwards. So make a point of wearing gloves for work around the house.

Gardening Gloves

If you love to dig in the dirt, then this is one area you should consider wearing gardening gloves. Dirt under those nails and blisters from heavy raking, age your hands pretty quickly. So get a good pair of gardening gloves and get into the habit of wearing them.