There is a common saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The way your eyes look and express your feelings will affect how people will perceive your personality. Tired or small eyes can send the message that you are closed, sneaky, or frigid. The solution to this is to make your eyes look bigger and wider. By opening up your eyes, you will appear more inviting and friendly. Now you can do this by getting eyelid surgery, but this seems a bit over the top for most women. The easiest way to get larger younger looking eyes is to get longer eyelashes.

The problem with this is that your eyelashes, like the rest of the hair on your body can be slow to grow. It can often take two months for your eyelashes to grow after they fall out. In this time, your eyelashes can become fragile and brittle. This is made worse by aging, sickness, and malnutrition. Eyelashes can easily become brittle, break, and thin due to shedding. These factors all combine to give the illusion of short and thin eyelashes that are dull and invisible.

In an effort to cover up their thinning eyelashes, many women rely on heavy layers of mascara, false eyelashes, and eyelash extensions. These harsh products will give you an instant boost in confidence but only make the problem worse. The harsh glues and adhesives used in false lashes and lash extensions can rip out your eyelashes. This leads to more damage to your lash hair follicles and even permanent eyelash loss.

Also, many types of mascara require harsh makeup removers and solvents or vigorous rubbing to remove. Doing this everyday can irritate your eyelids and also pull out your lashes. Remember, your eyelashes are like the hair on your head and have to be treated gently if you want them to remain healthy, long, and shiny.

If you have this problem, the first thing you need to do is stop abusing your eyelashes.Once you do this, you will need to pamper your lashes and let them heal. The best way to do this is with an eyelash growth product. Lash growth products treat your eyelashes from within. They work from the bottom up, targeting your hair follicles to stimulate growth of longer and thicker eyelashes that are stronger. An eyelash growth product both helps protect your eyelashes and help stimulate the growth of the hair shaft with an active prostaglandin and with a vitamin and mineral formula. There are many different brands of eyelash stimulator treatments available and the best eyelash accelerators are formulated to be safe for those with sensitive eyes and skin while still being effective when used daily. One gentle lash enhancer is LiLash. Read these recent LiLash reviews to see what type of results you can expect.

The results will not be instant though, the damage caused by aging and the environment has accumulated over years. Be patient and in two weeks you will be rewarded with thicker and longer eyelashes without the risks and expenses of fake eyelashes and lash extensions.