Are you wondering how to heat corn tortillas and why to do so? The answer to the second question is quite simple – warm tortillas taste way better than cold ones and the heating process is one of the most important factors while preparing meals like fajitas or burrito. I would like to describe various ways of heating corn tortillas accordingly to the cooking equipment you have.


Ways of heating corn tortilla

Heating on a grill (coal-powered, gas-powered, electric one)

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A tortilla heated on a grill is tasty, but the problem with this procedure is that it can be performed only in spring or summer, when the grill can be placed outside the house. Seasons like autumn or winter are making it rather impossible due to the weather conditions. The best solution is to grill also the whole tortilla stuffing like meat or vegetables. It is a huge waste of time and money to burn up the grill only to warm the tortilla up. One should also remember about keeping the grill's surface clean, because after warming the corn tortilla up, it's most probably going to be held in hands, and it is not good if it will be dirty with some remains or old oil.

The whole process of warming up is easy and anyone can do it properly – all you need to do is to put the tortilla on the grill and wait a few minutes to make sure that it is heated well. It is advised to touch it with your fingers to check how warm it is. After one side is done properly, flip the tortilla to the other side and put it on the grill for a while to be sure, that it is warmed up evenly. If you want to perform this procedure at home, the easiest way is to fry the tortillas on a pan or in a microwave.


Frying pan

This way of heating tortillas is also pretty easy. It is important to remember, that we shouldn’t add any oil on the pan's surface. After about a minute of warming the surface up, when it is warm enough, put the tortilla into the frying pan and wait for a while for it to be properly heated from the one side (as in the case above, the easiest way is to check it with your fingers), and then flip to the other side, to ensure that it is well fried from both sides. If the pan was warmed to the proper temperature, it is usually enough to fry the corn tortilla for about 10-15 seconds for each side. If you're putting the tortilla into the frying pan while it's pattern is still cold, the amount of time that you'll  spend waiting for the meal to warm up rises significantly.

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It is also important to know that adding the oil in the process of frying can be performed, but it is advisable only for those, who aren't concerned with oily tortilla and want to add it to other meals on the plate. In case of meals that we need to keep in hands, like burrito, it is not good idea, because the feeling of keeping oily meal in hands is quite unpleasant.


Microwave oven

It is another solution to heat corn tortillas properly. The process is faster than in case of frying on a pan. It is important to check the product's temperature after taking it out of the microwave. If it is too cold it should be inserted and warmed again for a few seconds, and if it is too warm, we just need to wait a little for it to cool down to the proper temperature. I’ll serve you with an important tip : do not overheat the tortilla because it can become really dry or even charred. There are at least four different ways to heat corn tortillas in the microwave oven, and I will list them for you, so you can choose the most suitable one.


The first option is to warm tortillas separately (one at a time): put one of them into the microwave for 10 to 15 minutes, take it out and insert next one. The second option is useful when there is a necessity of heating a big amount of tortillas at once. All you need to do is to put the whole pack of tortillas with 4 to 6 of them inside and heat them all in the wrapping, without removing the protective foil. In this case the warming up time should be around 60-70 seconds.

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Third and fourth way is for those who don’t mind having their tortillas a little damp. In the third option it is advisable to cover the whole pack of tortillas (after removing the protective foil) with a slightly wet paper towel. In this case warming should last about one and a half minute. The fourth way is very similar to the previous one - the procedure is the same, we just need to insert one tortilla at a time and warm it for about 15-25 seconds each. Those two solutions have their benefits – after warming the tortillas like mentioned, they can be rolled and folded with much lower probability of breaking apart. Unfortunately, none of these procedures gives a 100% guarantee of keeping the tortilla’s pastry in one piece.



Another way of heating corn tortillas is to warm them up in a traditional oven. In order to do so, the device should be firstly preheated to the temperature about 250 degrees. When the temperature is right, put the tortillas into a casserole dish, with a damp dish towel inserted on the bottom of it. Then insert the dish with tortillas into the oven and wait for about 20 minutes to make sure that they are warmed properly.


Wrap up

So, I have provided you with some ways of warming corn tortillas up. I hope that you won't have any problems with the issue of how to heat corn tortillas properly and make them tasty within a few minutes. Bon appétit!