Know some under stress and want to help?

If you've ever been around someone that is having a crisis, or having a freak out - it can be difficult to find the words to say. It can even be difficult to speak to them. You feel awkward and feel as if you should do SOMETHING, but you have NO clue what you should do. I have a few ways you can stay cool, yet be helpful in a crisis situation.

OFFER TO HELP. If you know they are having some sort of problem and you feel like you should stay out of it in a personal way. Ask if there is anything you could do for them to make things easier. An errand, or task. Anything that might lift some pressure off of them. There is no problem about helping out someone in need, because soon or later, they will probably (but not necessarily) help you in something, too.

STAY POSITIVE. If they ask you for an opinion or input, be honest - but stay positive as much as possible. For instance, if they ask, "Do you think it's really that bad?", you could say something like, "Well, crap happens, but everything works itself out." Never antagonize or worsen the problem. Try to help them focus on the good side of things.

DO NOT LAUGH. Whatever the problem might be with someone, DO NOT LAUGH. Even though, they might soon laugh about it later, try not to at the time they are upset. This will only worsen the mood. Even though, you might think they are making a bigger deal out of it than they should - stay focused on being helpful not critical.

LISTEN. Listen to them. Really, listen to what they have to say about the matter. It might be only thing you can do for them. Understand and try to have compassion for them. Try not to comment or suggest anything until you've heard the whole situation.

BE SUPPORTIVE. If they want to call and talk to you, or even unload every bit of stress on to you - you may not feel like you have the time or energy to help but try to imagine if it were you in their shoes. Being supportive is just being a good friend. You should always make the time for people. They will do the same for you in return.