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InfoBarrel has one of the most positive communities I have ever been a part of. It is one of the reasons why it is becoming so successful and why it is likely to be around for a long time. However, there is always room for improvement!

In this article I am going to take a bit of time to explain what you can do to help out your fellow InfoBarrelers and why it's in your best interests to do so. 

Make Good SEO Comments on Other Articles

I originally learned about good SEO commenting from a forum post by Jerky. He stated that he was attempting to leave good, keyword-rich comments on at least five articles per day. 

When Google analyses an article's content they take into account what is in the comments. As such, comments are a vital part of on-page SEO and can improve search engine ranking and Adsense ad relevancy.  

You can help out other InfoBarrel writers by commenting on their articles and including their main keyword, an alternate keyword, or by including some good LSI phrases.

Interlink Your Articles With Other Writers Articles

Interlinking is a great way to help your fellow InfoBarrel writers and improve the value of your own content too. Start looking for opportunities to interlink your posts with other writers. 

If, for example, you are writing an article on guitar recording software and you know someone who has an article on guitar to PC cables then you should link to it. Creating a contextual link with good anchor text is the best way to do this. 

For example:

"The next step is to make sure you have a good guitar to PC cable to ensure your sound quality is preserved when recording your guitar on your PC." 

The underlined words are where our link to our fellow InfoBarreler's article will go. The link iscontextual as it is within the context of your article and the anchor text is a good choice as it is relevant to the content of our fellow InfoBarreler's article. 

Good, contextual, anchored links like this are fantastic for Google search rankings. Interlinking your articles with other Infobarrelers is a great way to help them out and improve the quality of InfoBarrel overall. 

Bonus Question: See if you can find all of the examples of interlinking in this article! I will backlink an article of the first person to comment with the amount of InfoBarrel interlinking within this article!

Include Other People's Articles Your Backlinking Activities

If you already regularly backlink your own articles you can start adding in a few links to other InfoBarreler's work that you think deserves promoting. It doesn't take too much extra effort to do this when you are already in the process of setting up backlinks.

For example, I regularly add my own and other people's articles to a list of Guides for InfoBarrel Beginners that I created on Best-Reviewer. Whenever I come across a good article for beginner InfoBarrelers I add it to the list. Easy!

The next tip links in quite nicely with this one (no pun intended). 

Participate in the Pay it Forward Backlinking Thread 

JadeDragon started a forum thread way back in November 2010 for the exact purpose of encouraging InfoBarrelers to help each other out with backlinks. The Pay it Forward Backlinking Thread works by having each new poster backlink one of the previous poster's articles. And so on. 

It is a brilliant idea because you create a backlink for someone and then someone will do the same for you. Everybody wins! The pay it forward backlinking thread also promotes more diverse and organic backlinks for everyone involved as different people use different backlinking resources. 

The thread has been running well over a year now and is still going. The more people that get involved the better and more diverse the results will be! 

I have set myself a goal to participate in the thread at least once a day - provided someone else has participated since my last post. Why don't you set yourself a similar goal? 

Follow @KevinDHinton and @InfoBarrel on Twitter

The creators of Infobarrel, Kevin and Ryan, have set up Twitter accounts that tweet many of the new articles that are published.

Since Google now accounts for 'social signals' even no-follow links from Twitter can benefit the SEO of articles. This means all tweeted articles (ones that are over 400 words) get off to a great start with some initial traffic and getting indexed by Google faster.

Following both of these accounts gives you a chance to retweet or quote any articles that are relevant to your twitter followers. Each time you do this you essentially create another backlink and send some extra traffic towards the article.

Share Articles Over Social MediaCredit: InfoBarrelShare Other People's Articles Over Social Media

In addition to retweeting the official Infobarrel Twitter accounts don't forget you can share other writer's content yourself! Sharing content from many authors is far more reputable than only self-promoting.

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and many other sites are great ways to share your own and other writer's content. 

If you find some content that you think your Twitter followers, Facebook friends etc. will like then go ahead and share it. This will send traffic to their content and provide them with some nice backlinks.

Your followers and friends will appreciate you sharing great content too, you may even increase your network a bit!

Help Improve InfoBarrel's Alexa Ranking

InfoBarreler JadeDragon suggests that to help InfoBarrel grow with Alexa every InfoBarrel user should install the Alexa toolbar application into their browser.

Every visit InfoBarrel with the Alexa toolbar installed counts towards the traffic stats on Alexa and will help improve the Alexa ranking. An improved Alexa ranking will increase traffic and help InfoBarrel get better deals from advertisers - improving profits for everybody. A good Alexa ranking also makes InfoBarrel look more reputable, something we should all want to contribute towards.

The Alexa toolbar is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Use Affiliate and Referral Links

If you are thinking of buying something on Amazon then why not support one of your fellow InfoBarrel writers by first clicking one of their affiliate links? (See what I did there?) It doesn't cost you anything and it is sure to put a smile on their face when they see a nice little commission in their account!

Additionally, if you are reading another InfoBarreler's article on a piece of software or a service you are considering purchasing and you found their article helpful then go ahead and reward them by using their referral link. 

Using fellow InfoBarreler's affiliate and referral links is a very direct way of helping them out. It puts a bit of free money into their pockets that would otherwise simply be lost. You never know, someone may end up returning the favour and using one of your links! 

Warning!Amazon Warning! It is against Amazon policy to buy a product within 24 hours of clicking one of your own affiliate links. You can avoid this issue by using 'private' or 'incognito' browsing or by simply never clicking your own affiliate links!

But Why Should We Do Any of This?

Let's be honest. It should always be our priority to look after numero uno (ourselves). Survival of the fittest etc. etc. However, all of the activities in this article have a way of coming back to us. I'm not talking about karma either (although that is nice too). You can benefit from every activity in this article either directly or indirectly. 

Directly: Being active in a positive way will get your name known. Other people are more likely to help you out if they know you. Additionally, you will be setting an example for other people to follow. Such activity also promotes a culture of positive interaction within the community, something that InfoBarrel already has going for it (but it can always be improved). 

Indirectly: If you play a part in improving the success of another InfoBarrel writer then you are contributing to the growth of InfoBarrel as a whole. The success of InfoBarrel is conducive to the further success of it's members. It's a beautiful cycle if increasing traffic, reputation and profits. 

JCMayer777 and x3xSoldierx3x know the truth behind this and that is why they do their best to promote InfoBarrel and why they co-authored an ebook helping writers maximise their earning potential.


Look DownLook DownRemember, we can achieve more as a whole than we can as individuals. Be part of the InfoBarrel you want to see. 
If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment below!