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Small businesses are difficult to run because usually there is only one person doing most of the work. The business owner is the chief cook and bottle washer. They handle the finances and the chicken salad. Every task falls under a small business owner.

  • Operations - Keeping the business up and running can be one of the hardest tasks. Ordering product, product development, etc, and everything else that goes along with keeping the doors open.
  • Advertising - Communication from the business to the customer is vital. It is the business owners job to make sure that there is an open line of communication.
  • Finances - Keeping track of the finances, bill, accounts payable and account receivable all fall under this heading. But more importantly, how much money is being made, spent, and invested. It is a large task.
  • Employees - Hiring, monitoring, rewarding or disciplining, and firing all lie under this heading. Making sure you employees are doing what they are supposed to do and holding them accountable can be near impossible for one person to handle alone.

All of these tasks just scratch the surface of a business owners responsibility. Running a small business is about trying to get your business to grow and not be small any more.

How To Walk Away From Your Small Business

Every business owners dream is to walk away from their business and have it keep earning and growing for them.

It is a formidable challenge. But you can carry out something like this through systems. Systems allow you to do the work once and walk away with the confidence that it will continue to perform.

One of these systems is called a Duty Roster.

Duty Roster

Duty Rosters are great systems to keep your employees working and accountable. They allow you, the business owner, to put the work in by showing your employees what to do, creating a duty roster, and letting the system manage the duties.

They work like this.When you have duties or jobs for your employees to do such as cleaning, cooking, stocking, filing, etc., you have to constantly tell them what to do because they do not know. Especially a business that has a high turnover rate will experience this problem.

A duty roster takes all those jobs and puts it on a roster (Spreadsheet), with a place for your employee to initial after they have completed the task and to date when it was done.

It is so simple and yet so affective.

By putting each job that your employees are responsible for down on a sheet of paper and instructing them to follow the list, you do many good things.

First of all, you take the pressure from you to tell your employees what to do. It is written down on a sheet of paper for them. They don't need you. Second, you create accountability. When your employee is done with a task, they have to initial beside the job claiming they are done.

There is no dispute over who is supposed to be doing the job and what they have actually done.

There are many systems that you can find at Running A Small Business Inc. but this is by far one of the best and easiest to impliment.