People with their tongue pierced may sometimes (or even always) wish to conceal it and there are many legitimate reasons for doing so. Some people even want to hide it from their parents but I advise against this as you shouldn't keep secrets from your parents. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to hide it then you have quite a lot of choices. Let's check them out.

Get It Pierced Further Back If Possible

The closer a tongue piercing is to the front of your tongue then the more likely it is to be noticed while you are talking. Actually, it is also more likely to get accidentally bitten too and you will face big dental bills due to chipped teeth. I'm talking from personal experience here!

Get A Clear Ball

When you get pierced, the standard barbell has metal balls on either side. These are what are most visible to others who may be looking at your mouth while you talk.

If you replace these balls with clear ones (usually made from acrylic) then they will become pretty much invisible. Only you will notice them when you look up close in the mirror but nobody else will see them at all because all they can see is your tongue and mouth behind them.

At the very least, replace the top ball. That is because this is the ball most likely to be noticed if you don't change it. Ideally, you should replace the bottom ball too if at all possible.

Get A Pink Ball

Alternatively, you can get a pink ball. Find a color that matches closely to the color of your tongue. A clear ball is better but a pink one is second best.

It works in much the same way because, unlike a silver metal ball, it won't be noticed when sitting next to your tongue.

Change The Bar

If you want to go even better then it can be a great idea to change the bar too. The regular bar is made of steel or titanium and is silver in colour. Now, while it is the balls that show up most, the bar is also somewhat visible though to a much lesser degree.

If you change the ball and also your bar to clear ones then it is going to take a miracle for anyone to spot that you have a piercing! I have gone for weeks like this and nobody knew I had a tongue piercing at all.


One of the best ways to conceal a tongue piercing is to get a clear bar with domes. These domes are hemispheres so they are like balls cut in half. They are really comfortable and do not protrude as far out from your tongue's surface as balls do, thus making them less noticeable. They are a really good investment.

Change Your Behavior

A lot of people keep their original barbell but just make sure that they do not stick their tongue out (e.g. for photos or when excited). You'd be surprised at how well you can conceal a tongue piercing simply by keeping it inside your mouth and remembering not to stick it out!