Hiding MoneyCredit: morguefile.comI think many seniors must read a book on How to Hide Money.

The reason I think this, is because while my dad was alive, he didn't really trust banks, especially for day to day cash, he used to dream up places to put few dollars for a rainy day. I didn't think much about it, because it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. Him and mom were getting on in years, and they couldn't always get to the bank, and what harm was there is keeping a few dollars around for "a rainy day" in the house.

I never knew exactly when that "rainy day" was going to arrive. I actually asked him once, "exactly what is the definition of a rainy day?" He would answer "you will know it when it happens".

I know sometimes he would suddenly appear with a dollar for my kids when they were little to spend at the store while we were visiting. They would get excited each visit, that he might find one of these hidden dollars for treats! He would appear with a dollar or so, if a charity was looking for donations at holidays. So I used to figure, this was a good practice for him, and he liked that he had some cash on him, without having an obvious pile in his wallet. He always "hid money" around the house. I used to say to him.. "Dad, at least get one of those little safes, because if there is a fire, all your money is gone" He would answer "there is not that much money, just a few dollars, hardly worth the purchase of a safe"

But one day, my dad became ill, and had to be hospitalized, he asked me to bring him a few dollars from the house. He had hidden money in a few places I knew about, but he really knew how to hide money!.

Sadly, he died, and when my siblings and I came to help mom with his things in the house, she was coming up with a donation section in the living room. She had got many boxes, and was loading them up with books and whatnots he had owned, and she felt would be put to better use in a charity or second hand shop.

Look For Things To Hide Money In - Such as Pockets and Shoes

Luckily, I went through many of these things, and I remembered how he was with his hidden money, and decided to flip the books upside down. Out fell 10 dollars just from one book! I showed everyone else, and we all started going through the books, out fell more money. Then we checked old coffee cans he had kept for odd screws and nails, we found some more. Pockets of jackets and sweaters that were about to be donated, we found more hidden money.

My sister said: "He really knew How to Hide Money!" .. and that he did! We kept looking at everything we took out of drawers and closets, and were pretty sure we found all the hidden money for that "rainy day" when I checked his shoes that he hardly wore, and in the toes of some of the shoes was some more money.

He had hidden money for years, a dollar here a dollar there. He should have taught a course on How to Hide Money.. he would have done well! We found hundreds of hidden dollars. We straighten the bills out. (They had mostly been crumpled into small places, only the ones in books were flat) and my mom looked at them all and decided, that it would be best to give it to his favorite charity to help with their "rainy days".

We all decided that was the right thing to do. So, the same charity that took all his clothes and books, got the money. If we had left it in all its hiding spots, it may never have been found, or would have been found by a purchaser of the second hand goods. Not that that was a bad thing, but we felt the charity would do better with the cash in hand!

hiding money(132279)Credit: morguefile.com

But sometimes your loved ones, or seniors may hide more that money, they may hide expensive jewelry, or family heirlooms or valuable coin collections.

You need to gently find out if they are doing so. My friend works in the local food bank, and once they got a donation of tin goods. One tin didn't felt heavy, it was suppose to be soup, she shook it and heard a rattling noise, this was definitely not soup, but turned out to be one of those fake safes. Probably someone had lost a loved one, and had cleaned out their kitchen, and had donated the can, not realizing that this can contained lots of gold jewelry.

How to Hide a Safe in Your House

They probably did not know that it had been hidden. This is sad, because these could have been family heirlooms. Many seniors will do this because they are concerned about home invasions and thefts, but if they don't tell any of their family, these well hidden secret stashes, could remain hidden even from you!

I recently saw and add in a magazine, on how to hide money in wall sockets. These were electrical sockets, that you screwed into the wall, but were actually just a tiny safe. Home invaders are not likely going to pull out all the plug outlets on the walls, so this seemed like a good spot to hide money or jewels.. but what if they die, and you didn't know this?

I asked my mom about hiding money like dad had done. She said there were many advertisements on how to hide money, including these fake safes that look like canned goods. She had indeed bought one, that looked like frozen juice, and put the keys to her deposit box in there in the freezer! Well I am glad she told me, I would hate to be looking for something like that, at what would be, a very difficult time of grief. So, ask your parents if they have been hiding any money or valuables in their house. If you never find out, just be very careful what you toss out while cleaning out a house or apartment.

You could be throwing out the family jewels!

Using a Diversion Safe to Hide Money and Valuables

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