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The internet has become something that people need within every single day these days. No matter if they are studying at school, working at offices or enjoying some leisure time at their homes or on vacations, the internet is always of utmost importance. Being a very crucial element in people's life that the internet is, big computer and mobile device vendors are trying to offer global customers with a wider and wider range of internet enabled computers and mobile devices. This is also one reason most offices are connected to the internet these days.

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Unfortunately, most of the employers out there are not likely to allow their employees to surf the internet during work hours, except to surf for materials related to their work perhaps. This is one big disadvantage that employees are always complaining about until today. Most employees have the will to access the internet and stay connected with their friends even during their work hours. Therefore, those employees try to access such sites as Facebook and Twitter even while they are working.

Unfortunately, these sites are normally blocked by the employers. But this does not necessarily mean that the employees will no longer have any ways to still surf websites that do not have any relations in any way to the work they are doing.

At this point of time, employees may well be wondering how this is possible. Well, the answer is in fact pretty straightforward. If you are an employee, you can try to hide your computer browsing at work. One way to do this is to minimize the browser windows. Or, you can also switch to other windows that are related to your work when your employer passes by, for example. You can do this with by simply pressing the ALT+TAB button combination in Windows.

Better yet, there are pretty sophisticated yet easy to use computer programs these days that can help you do this. These computer programs have specifically been designed to hide your computer browsing at work. The programs will usually hide your computer browsing at work by keeping all the browser windows in the background while at the same time minimizing the browser windows making them invisible.

The programs really hide your computer browsing at work because the browser windows will not even be visible on the Windows taskbar so that your employer will not realize at all that you actually hide your computer browsing at work.

One example of such programs is known as GhostZilla. GhostZilla will give out low contrast colors of the page you are browsing. Then, when you move the mouse over the pages you are browsing, gray images will show up. When you move your mouse out of the browser windows, the program disappears along with the browser windows. This is a particularly good way to hide your computer browsing at work.

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