Learning how to homeschool college can be approached in several different ways. With all the college options available now, high school students can start from home, or college students can complete their courses at home too.

High School - Many high school students, both in homeschool and public school, are choosing to start their college studies before they even graduate from high school. If they plan on earning a degree they will need some guidance to help them accomplish this. If they are just taking a class or two here and there, then their local college or online college can easily help them get registered for classes.

After Graduation - Once a student graduates, they can still take college classes from home. They might want to spend a year at home taking online or local college classes to help them learn how to study and succeed in college. Then they can go on to live on campus and complete their degree. If they want to pursue a complete degree from home, I suggest they enroll in a good program that can help guide them through this process. It's too hard to do on your own.

CLEP - Many students take advantage of the CLEP program where they can take tests to test out of certain classes and earn college credit. This can be helpful for students who are double majoring and want to get some of their core classes out of the way, or it can be helpful for students to earn some college credit at a very reduced cost.

A student can't earn a full degree using CLEP tests, but they can certainly use these tests for subjects where they are already proficient or subjects that they are willing to study up on so that they can pass the tests. Not all colleges accept these credits but most do.

Full Degree from Home - If a student combines CLEP tests with online courses and find a school that will help you do that, then they can complete college directly from home. The only program I know of that guides you through this process is College Plus. They provide coaching, study skills, help in choosing a major, guidance in what CLEP tests to take, and help in finding a college that will not only accept these tests but also offer online classes so that the student can complete their degree from home. They provide a true how to homeschool college program.

There is a tremendous advantage to using a program like this because they can help a student earn a college degree degree in as little as 2 years for under $15,000. Technically, a homeschool student can use this program for their last 2 years of high school and graduate from high school with a college degree too.