Are You About To Host A Children's Birthday Party?

Here are some tips to make it your most successful children's birthday party ever!

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Depending on how you approach it, planning your child's birthday party can be either great fun or highly stressful.  It doesn't have to be a nightmare, however, if you tackle it the smart way.  

Here's how:

1. Tune into what your child wants for their birthday party.  Don't be mentally bullied by those 'gotta have it all mothers' who spend a fortune on way too much of everything because anything less isn't good enough for their little pumpkins.  It is not a competition and should not be viewed as such.

2. Although you're tuning into your child's wants, it's still important to set some boundaries.  Such as how many children can you accommodate?  How much money can you afford?  Will you have help for the preparations and the supervision on the day or will you be flying solo?

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3. With your child, decide on a theme if they want one.  Maybe a super heroes theme because  Spiderman is back in fashion or fairies, or rock stars, or pirates, or princes and princesses.  The options for dress-ups are endless.  It doesn't really matter as long as your child has a killer outfit! However, give a little consideration to the other parents; not everyone can afford a super duper, prize winning costume that's quite likely going to be worn only for a few hours.

4. Are you hosting the birthday party in your cosy lounge room or your giant back garden?  How many kids can you accommodate?  Will you have room for them to race around and wear off all the sweet stuff that you're going to feed them?  

If you're going to be in a small room, you may want to limit the number of kids you invite or you will all be falling over each other.  If you're lucky enough to have a large garden then the little ones will love running around like crazy Mexican jumping beans.  Plan some old fashioned, physical games like an obstacle course, sack race, egg and spoon race.  The other parents will also love you for wearing out their children before sending them home.

5. All girls or all boys or a mixture of both?  Whatever works.

6. Are you a do-it-yourself, crafty type of mother that's been Scrap Booking since the fad began? Feel free to make fabulously original invitations, party hats, gift bags, name tags, etc.  Otherwise, you can buy your awesome Party Supplies instead.

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7. The menu needs some consideration.  It doesn't hurt to know if any invited children have a food allergy.  Many parents these days are also not keen on the traditional children's party fare of old.  These days there are more carrot sticks and less chocolate buttons.  There are also more kids than ever before that go nuts on soft drinks and food colourings so give some thought to healthier alternatives.  Triangle cut andwiches, homemade pizzas and mini quiches, chopped up fruit and natural ice cream in waffle cones are always winners.

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8. What about the entertainment?  Even at a party, kids still need a bit of structure and organisation. From bouncy castles to magicians, half an hour of internet seaching or a flick through your local yellow pages will throw up a plethora of children's birthday party entertainment ideas.

Do you have a friend that resembles Mr Bean?  Do you know someone who's willing to dress as a clown/a Power Ranger/Dr Who in return for a slither of birthday cake and a severe loss of street cred?Mr Bean(79864)Credit: vevedoll

If not, then you may find a willing person on line or even a poor high school/university drama student might be up for it for a bit of cash as well as some birthday cake.

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9. The cake!  This is the clowning glory of your position as mother of the birthday girl/boy.  Your decision here is paramount and it better be a good one! Refer to Tip number 1 and tune into your child.  If they specifically want a chocolate coated fighter plane with a pilot inside or a five layer fairy castle with a moat and a drawbridge, you might have to do some negotiating or get yourself very organised indeed!

10. Speaking of getting organised, make yourself a checklist and work through it.  Give yourself enough time for preparation to alleviate the stress on the eve of the birthday party, otherwise you'll find yourself up into the wee hours wrapping pass-the-parcels.  Rope in some friends or relatives or other mothers if you can.  Give the birthday child's father some jobs.  However, if he's the one dressing as the Power Ranger, then you may want to cut him some slack!

I hope my 10 tips for a successful children's party help you out and make your child's day a special one or just make you smile.  Either way I'm happy.