Are you a blog writer? If yes, then you might be knowing some of the blogging service providers and may have tried many of them. Blogging services assures you of the unlimited web space and bandwidth. But don't get tricked by these freebies. You don't get the ownership of the blog if you are hosting it on a service provider's server, you have some limitations such as you can't add ads to your blog or anything like this. Yeah! It's a little difficult to set up your blog on your own webhost, but we can't say that it is impossible. Here are the steps that you need to take while setting up your own blog. And don't panic! It's not that difficult.

Things You Will Need

Some Spare Time, An Internet Connection and a working brain!

Step 1

It's the simplest task but it's difficult to choose a webhosting service that suits your needs very well. As I said earlier all is going to be free, here are some of the sites that provide free webhosting services- XTREEMEHOST.COM and BYETHOST.COM. Both of these web hosting services are free and provides you with 5GB of Web space and 200GB of Bandwidth. Go to their homepage and sign up for them. Choose a subdomain for now, they will be like- and fill in your details. After signing up, you will be provided with a username like xth_XXXX or something like that and a password(which you entered during the signup process). Just save the webpage containing the details or download the PDF( if provided) because the account username would be difficult to remember.

Step 2

There are many domain names available for free. If you want .com, .net or any other like these, then you will have to purchase it. CO.CC is a good domain name available for free and anyone can remember it. Just go to and search for your desired domain name. If it's available, then register it as soon as possible! Sign up for it and then set it up. There are many ways to set it up, the easiest being domain refering that means if anyone types, then it will be redirected to your subdomain, that is I prefer owning up a domain that is use Name Server. To set it up, just use Name Servers used by your Web Hosting Service. If you are using Xtreeme Host, then use- Note that the set up process can take upto 48 hrs. But sometimes it takes only 2 hrs or less.

Step 3

Now go to your webhost's panel( for xtreemehost, go to and log in using the username and password given. After signing in, locate add on domains and click on it. Add a domain which you registered ( and then hit ADD. Now your domain is registered and will be ready after 48 hrs. After activation, in the panel click on installer(iVista Installer in XtreemeHost)> select a domain(> select your favorite blog platform ( wordpress is recommended by me)> click on it> Panel ask for the root, leave it as it is and carry on with the next step>username will be provided with password. The username would be admin and password the same as vista panel's password. And here you go! Your blog is up and ready to go! NOTE: The default installation of wordpress is version 2.x and the current version is 3.0.1. There is not much change in the versions, but if you want the latest then download it from, upload it and follow the readme.

Step 4

1.Now go to and sign in using admin as username and your Vista Panel's password. After logging in, change some settings in General Settings and get familiar with the interface.

Step 5

Ha! There's no 5th step. Keep in mind that it's own blog. You can now add ads for making money and other such options for monetization. Now Enjoy creating your blog. Add and try out different themes and plugins. And don't forget to submit your sitemap to Google! And Hey! Don't forget "Content Is King".

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