House Training An Older Dog Can Be Easy

How to house train an older dog can be easy if you follow this simple routine laid out in this article. The key to getting your dog to go the bathroom where you want him/her to is easily accomplished if you follow these 3 steps.

1. Set Boundaries - This first part of this process is setting boundaries for your dog. When you bring home your older dog, put him or her in a confined area like a cage or crate to sleep in and spend time in when you are gone at work or out with friends.

You want the cage to be just large enough for them to be able to move a little but not a lot. Dogs do not like sleeping in places that are dirty so they will not want to go the bathroom where they are going to sleep.

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This will more importantly teach them to hold it until they can go the bathroom outside the cage.

2. Set Schedules - Setting a schedule is the most important part of your dogs house training program. Make sure that you have your dog on a strict schedule from the moment they come home so they know what to except from you.

Set your dog's schedule so there is a morning, afternoon, and evening event list planned. You don't have to have a parade for your dog, but they need to know when they are going to eat, going for a walk, playing outside, and sleeping.

You can add more to this schedule as you see fit, just make sure you follow it every day.

3. Make Sure Your Commands Are Clear - One of the best things about older dogs is that they have been around the block and know a thing or two. They should know a lot of commands like sit, shake, etc. Also, a big one like "Come" should be in their bag of tricks.

This is helpful to you because you can give them clear commands to "Come" or "Go Outside" or positively reinforce them, where as a younger dog, like a puppy, probably won't understand for a while.

How to house train your older dog is easy with these 3 steps.Don't make the process more difficult than it is.

Just to recap: When you bring the dog home, set boundaries like placing them in a cage when you are gone or blocking off a piece of the house. Setting schedules will help them know what you expect and giving clear commands will keep them on the right track and help them feel accustomed in their new environment.

Please leave a comment and tell me about your house training experience.

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